Quapaw House Rehab Review: The Promise of Recovery

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The Quapaw House in Hot Springs, Arkansas is a comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction rehab center that provides a variety of healthcare services as well.

The Quapaw House facility, located just off of a curving, mountainous road, offers inpatient and outpatient treatments to men, women, adolescents, and individuals who are reentering society after being incarcerated.

Helping People

Quapaw House takes its name from the Native American tribe of the same name that populated the region of Arkansas where the Quapaw House is now located. The Quapaw House facility sits hidden among the ample greenery of the surrounding woodlands.

The residential program at Quapaw House offers treatment for men, women, and adolescents at the Quapaw House residences. All ages and demographic groups live separately.

The Quapaw House facility consists of a main administrative building at the heart of the campus, surrounded by other outbuildings. The Quapaw Community Center, which has physical fitness and recreational facilities like a fitness room and sauna is Quapaw House’s recreational center.

Quapaw House goes beyond being a rehab center by virtue of the healthcare services it provides through its onsite medical clinic. The clinic currently serves only the medical needs of residents and staff at Quapaw, although they do envision eventually being open to members of the public as well.

Childcare for women with children in the inpatient program is also available at Quapaw. In this instance, however, Quapaw does provide childcare services for up to 80 school-age children to the community.

Under One Umbrella

Standard treatment tracks follow the usual steps of recovery. There are onsite detox facilities at Quapaw for patients addicted to various chemical substances with detox lasting anywhere between 3 to 5 days. An observation-only detox is also available for patients addicted to less severe substances.

There is a specialized women’s only program at Quapaw house that helps women with children receive substance abuse treatment while providing childcare services as well. Residential treatments for adult men and women can vary in length, depending on the severity of the person’s addiction.

Typically, men and women stay in residence for up to and including 30-days. Treatment days consist of six hours of formal individual and group sessions.

More alternative therapies are thrown into the mix as well, including recreation therapy and fitness routines. Addiction education classes, as well as aftercare planning also take up days at Quapaw House.

Residents also have the privilege of attending guest lectures revolving around the topic of addiction and recovery. Speakers include addiction professionals from universities as well as high-profile recovering addicts like former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf.

The adolescent program includes many of the same treatment options as the adult program. The exception being, however, a greater emphasis on the 12-Step philosophy (which figures more in the outpatient program for adults). More family involvement and outdoor activity therapies also set the adolescent program apart.

Fulfilling the Promise

Outpatient services at Quapaw House are substantial. Patients commit to a treatment schedule of 12-weeks with individual sessions during the day and group meetings during the evening. Family involvement is also encouraged during outpatient treatments.

Patients are also encouraged to attend at least three 12-Step meeting a week to fortify their treatment at Quapaw House. Meetings with counselors help patients create relapse prevention plans, as well as explore the possibility of medically assisted recovery, in the case of opioid addiction.

The Quapaw House is an up-and-coming rehab. They offer a variety of services not found at most rehabs like childcare services and healthcare services that stretch beyond their patients and staff to serve the community.

Quapaw House recently added a 16-bed, semi-private unit for their more well-heeled clients, called the Promises Program. This expansion just goes to show that Quapaw House is committed to evolving to ensure they are providing the best care to a variety of different people in a setting that is both secluded and serene.

Price for 30 days (detox included) at Quapaw House: $6,000

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