Princeton House Behavioral Health Rehab Review: Premium Care

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Back in 1971, professionals at The Medical Center at Princeton recognized a need to expand their medical services by introducing high quality psychiatric care, which enabled them to treat behavioral health conditions. From this need, Princeton House Behavioral Health emerged, specializing in both behavioral health and addiction, and becoming one of the largest regional behavioral healthcare providers. Ever since its foundation, Princeton House is characterized by expansion and innovation and it offers diverse range of programs.

Princeton House Behavioral Health: Treatments, Programs and Staff

Inpatient and outpatient treatment programs at Princeton House serve young ones and adults suffering from substance addiction and abuse, mental health issues, or both. Both programs are provided in a way to meet developmental and gender-specific needs of each patient. Hence the treatments at Princeton House are conducted on the basis of age and gender of the patients. The treatments are following:


Children program, named Advanced Solutions for Children, offers outpatient treatment services for children aged between 6 and 12, encountering behavioral and emotional problems that affect their functioning. The treatment includes partial hospital program 5 days a week, and intensive outpatient program 3 days a week.


The treatment helping teens between 13 and 18 with mental health and addiction problems is offered through two programs, Adolescent Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Teen Girls’ Program. Both programs are based on group and individual therapies, family education groups, art and yoga therapies, and relapse prevention. They include partial hospital program 5 days a week, and afterschool intensive outpatient program 3 days a week.

Young Adults

According to Princeton House, young adults between 18 and mid 20s are the fastest growing patient population at the institution. Inpatient program provides medical detoxification and addiction recovery, including treatment of co-occurring mental health problems. Outpatient program includes partial hospital program 5 days a week, and intensive outpatient program 3 days a week.


Patients in this program are separately treated on the basis of suffering only from psychiatric conditions, substance abuse, or dual diagnosis. Adult treatments include: Adult Psychiatric, Adult Medical Detoxification, Adult Addiction Recovery, Adult Co-Occurring/Dual Diagnosis, offered on inpatient and outpatient

Older Adults

Based on individual and group therapies and geriatric care, Senior Link addresses adults older than 65 through partial hospital program 5 days a week, and intensive outpatient program 3 days a week.

Men specialized services and Women specialized services

Both men and women specialized programs at Princeton House Behavioral Health are one of the first of their kind on the national level. Both programs are mainly addressing conditions related to trauma, post-traumatic stress disorders and addictions through partial hospital program and intensive outpatient program.

First Responder Treatment Services

Treating military and police personnel, firefighters, and paramedics, First Responder program at Princeton is the first of its kind in New Jersey, providing its patients with inpatient addiction and mental health services.

Princeton House Behavioral Health: Facilities and Extras

Given the diverse range of programs, Princeton House Behavioral Health treatments are scattered around Princeton and nearby cities in New Jersey. The main campus in Princeton provides inpatient treatments for young-adults and adults, offering them 110 beds, game room, gyms, dining facilities, and wooded surroundings. Outpatient treatments’ location in Princeton and Eatontown are focused on women, while additional Princeton location, and facilities in North Brunswick and Moorestown admit young-adults and men. The facility in Hamilton is designated for Senior Link program.

As of extras, Princeton House Behavioral Health offers expressive therapies like art and yoga, mostly within programs designed for younger patients.

Electroinclusive therapy is an additional treatment provided at Princeton House.

Rules and Regulations at Princeton House Behavioral Health

Princeton House specializes in short term programs, but the length of the stay within a treatment varies depending on the patient. Smoking is allowed during designated breaks, while AA and NA programs are also available on inpatient site. Patients are advised not to bring valuable items like jewelry to their treatment, computer, cell phones, and other electronic devices. Inpatient admissions are available 24 hours 7 days a week, while for outpatient treatments patients can be admitted Monday through Friday between 8:30 AM to 5 PM. Outpatient treatments on average last from 6 to 8 weeks.


Community oriented and providing behavioral healthcare services to broad range of patients, Princeton House Behavioral Health is New Jersey’s pioneer in numerous addiction treatments. Treating patients from 6 year old up to the elderly age, Princeton House equally approaches mental health and substance abuse issues specific to age or gender of a patient, and repairs individuals and communities affected by those issues.

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