Pine Grove Behavioral Health Rehab Review: Roots of Healing

  1. Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services Review

The Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services is a mouthful, but it is a well-deserved title for this rehab center in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Pine Grove is the leading behavioral health and addiction treatment center in this part of the country associated with a full-service hospital, Forrest Health Services.

Pine Grove grew from humble roots. In the beginning Pine Grove only offered inpatient drug addiction treatment. Now, Pine Grove is an expert in administering treatments for psychiatric conditions, various addictions (substances and process) as well as specialized services for women and the elderly. Pine Grove deserves its place among leaders in the behavioral health field.

A Part of the Community

Pine Grove Behavioral Health fulfilled the promise of its historical surroundings to become a national leader in providing behavioral health services. Hattiesburg, Mississippi has long been an important industrial, commercial and cultural crossroads in the South.  

Pine Grove’s deep relationship with its home state of Mississippi is just as an important feature of the hospital as anything else. Since Pine Grove opened its doors in 1984, it was the go-to center for drug and alcohol addiction treatment for the residents of all 82 of Mississippi’s counties.

Set right in between the intersection of the Leaf and Bouie rivers and positioned among some of the more beautiful pine woods in Mississippi, the Pine Grove hospital covers over 22-acres of land, which houses its various residential programs for many different populations.

Men and women have separate residential programs, as do children and adolescents. Professionals in need of substance use or dual diagnosis treatment can also avail themselves of Pine Grove’s different treatment schemes.

The campus itself is made up of various buildings and complexes. There is the main building which houses all of the administrative and some of the treatment spaces at Pine Grove.

The men’s residential facility boasts brick cottages where residents sleep two to a room. Outdoor amenities include a beach volleyball court and basketball court.

The women’s residential facility is almost a world away in both size and elegance since it also sits behind a wrought-iron gate. The house features a peaceful and inviting environment, where women share accommodations outfitted with all the latest furnishings along with all the Southern charm that you can imagine.

Children and adolescents have a 20-bed facility dedicated to their treatment needs. And Pine Grove also has stylish, but not over-the-top accommodations for professionals enrolled in their Professional Enhancement Programs.

Learning to Walk

Pine Grove has a national call center where you can receive over-the-phone assessments and evaluations from trained intake staff. More in-depth assessments take place in person, over three days, before admittance to any of Pine Grove’s residential programs.

Psychiatric services for adolescents and adults exist at Pine Grove solely as a gateway to other treatment options. There is a specialized detox and acute psychiatric unit for adolescents and adults presenting with severe mental health conditions and disorders.

A medically supervised drug and alcohol detox is also available onsite for those patients needing to go through withdrawal first before receiving more thorough care. The men’s Next Step residential treatment program features treatment options like individual and group therapy, Big Book study and continued 12-Step teachings.

More alternative options feature prominently in all treatment tracks, regardless of age or gender. Physical fitness and overall wellness are two pillars of recovery that Pine Grove stresses extensively, which is why they have an onsite gym where patients can use exercise machines or do yoga.

There is a ropes course at Pine Grove where the REACH (Realistic Expectations and Challenging Horizons) program is offered. All residents can partake in the exercise where they learn to face up to daunting challenges and confront problems in a team setting.

The women’s residential program offers residents an innumerable amount of treatment options for a variety of afflictions. Women can receive treatment for everything from eating and body image disorders, as well as co-occurring disorders, like depression and sex addiction or bipolar and trauma related addiction.

Treatments include cognitive behavioral therapy, 12-Step programs, relapse prevention classes, experiential therapy, EMDR, process groups with topics like grief and loss, and even Hypnotherapy. Women stay in residence for about 12 weeks.

Never-Ending Care

Even after covering the men’s and women’s residential program, Pine Grove still has more to offer. The Gratitude program is Pine Grove’s innovative answer to the problem of hypersexuality. Group therapy, based on the 12-Steps, is a part of the treatment scheme along with milieu therapy that sees people afflicted with the same disorders grouped together to feel safer and more intimate with their peers.

The milieu approach is also something that is used in the Legacy Program at Pine Grove. Legacy is a treatment option for adults 40 and over suffering from a dual diagnosis and looking for treatment situated among their age group.  

The Professional Enhancement Program gives licensed professionals a chance to not only seek treatment for behavioral health problems but also features group therapy sessions exploring workplace ethics and boundary setting. Professionals can also learn how to achieve that perfect balance of life and work responsibilities.

Family involvement figures heavily in all of these treatment options. Pine Grove offers a structured family therapy option where loved ones call in on conference calls with their family member and their family member’s dedicated therapist. Family understanding and support goes a long way to keeping someone in recovery, so attention to the family is another important factor for treatment at Pine Grove.

There is, finally, outpatient services available from Pine Grove treatment staff in downtown Hattiesburg. Patients, adults as well as children and adolescents, can receive assessments, individual and group counseling. Programs can run for as long as 12 weeks.

Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services seems like a never-ending treatment option. Those who are still sitting on the fence about a rehab center to treat their substance abuse problems, behavioral health disorder, or those professionals looking to avoid a complete physical burnout due to overworking, should look no further if they only want the best, which is what Pine Grove offers to all its patients.

Price for 30 days at Pine Grove, some programs have added costs: $8,000-$11,670

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