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The year of 1967 and the friendship between six drug addicts in pursuit of recovery, were cornerstones for the development of a nationally acknowledged and accredited behavioral healthcare provider, specializing in substance abuse and mental health issues – Phoenix House. This non-profit organization implements its programs in ten states, one of which is Lake View Terrace in California, Los Angeles. The Lake View Terrace program is aimed for teens ages 13 to 18 who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction.

Phoenix House Los Angeles: Treatment, Programs, and Staff

PHLA offers inpatient, as well as outpatient treatment. Both programs are based on holistic approach to healing.

The recovery program begins with thorough evaluation and consultation with clients’ family members to determine which treatment would be the most appropriate.

In residential care, adolescents and teenagers receive a variety of services, held in CARF-accredited facilities, many with high school programs. Length of stay varies – from a week up to a year. Case management, individual and group therapy, family counseling, academic education, recreation, and aftercare referrals are all part of the Phoenix House residential services. Family members’ involvement is encouraged each step of the way via counseling and therapy, parent/family education seminars, and educational workshops.

A typical day for PHLA’s residents starts with breakfast, after which they put on their school uniforms and attend classes from 8:15 am to 3 pm. Dedicated teachers help students to fulfill their appropriate curriculum. After school, residents can do sports, music or art therapy. Afternoon hours are intended for group therapy, which utilizes CBT and works on developing anger management techniques and general life skills. In the evening, residents attend recreational activities, under constant supervision. These activities also have educational aspect since the staff always finds ways for implementing a morality lesson.

Outpatient services for teens come in intensive (9+ hours a week) and traditional (less than nine hours a week) form. Both options are based on individual treatment plans, family involvement, and education, as well as community support. Besides initial assessment, services included in outpatient treatment are individual, group and family counseling, psycho-education and life-skills education, case management, drug testing, and recreational activities. Teens also attend after-school sessions one to five days per week.

PHLA’s staff includes a multidisciplinary team of experts – medical doctors, nurses, social workers, substance abuse specialists, and MTF interns. Nurses trained in crisis management are available around the clock.

Phoenix House Los Angeles: Facilities and Extras

The Lake View Terrace offers treatment for 80 boys and 40 girls, accommodated in gender-specific wings. Rooms are furnished with basic furniture, and have a private bathroom. The tidy lawns, academic buildings, and a comfortable, sunny area provide a college-like impression of the campus.

Teens are free to use classrooms, gyms, a computer lab and something that will thrill music lovers – a professional recording studio. Recreational activities include yoga, karate, and meditation classes.

Breakfast preparation is residents’ responsibility. Lunch and dinner are prepared by staff members, who respect dietary restrictions (allergies, ethical or religious aspects, etc.)

Phoenix House has a policy of giving back to the community, implemented through prevention and education programs. This way, students, parents, faculty members and high-risk youth can gain valuable lessons on substance use/abuse. Coalition and consortium participation, court and community intervention programs, driver education/intervention courses for DUI offenders are all extra activities of Phoenix House.

Students and their parents, or parents on their own have an option to participate in psychoeducational family programs.

A comprehensive continuing care plan is part of the PHLA treatment, crafted to accompany the needs, abilities, desires, preferences, and personality of each client.

Rules and regulations in Phoenix House Los Angeles

The cost of Phoenix House Los Angeles services is $6.000 for 30 days. Interested clients should call PHLA to schedule an appointment. The assessment and admission to the program are performed within the next 24 hours.

Phoenix House is contracted with most insurance providers and accepts most insurance plans. Insurance eligibility checks are performed upon admission by the staff, to inform clients about the options included in their benefit plan.

For those who do not have insurance, there is a self-payment option. The rates differ depending on the program. State-, county-, and Medicaid-funded services are provided for those who qualify.


Phoenix House Los Angeles specializes in treating adolescents from substance abuse, through a truly devoted, comprehensive and supportive approach. PHLA staff knows how important the family involvement is for the teens who go through challenging recovery process, and includes family members in the treatment as often as possible. Besides inpatient and outpatient services, PHLA offers aftercare and builds a solid foundation for its clients, with aim to help them endure all future challenges.

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