Penfield Christian Homes Treatment Center Review: Religion-Based

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Penfield Christian House is religion-based addiction treatment center placed in three locations—all-men facilities in Union Point and Alapaha, and women’s center near Lavonia. The center was founded back in 1979, and since then it helped more than 600 clients reach their sobriety through its residential treatment program.

Penfield Christian Homes: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Before the admission at the Penfield Christian Homes, client is interviewed over the phone, has to sign a disclosure agreement that they accept every aspect of the program, and has to be negative on tuberculosis and syphilis. Also, detox has to be completed because the center does not provide this service.

Treatment program includes individual counseling, group therapy, education classes, family therapy, relapse prevention, and Bible studies. Clients have to go to church on a regular basis and attend AA or NA meetings.

The staff of the Penfield Christian Homes includes professional counselors and administration workers.

Facilities and Extras

Male campus in Union Point has the capacity to receive 42 clients, while the one in Alapaha can accommodate 30 men. The typical stay at the center lasts six weeks on average, but clients can stay longer if necessary. There are no private rooms, only semi-private ones. The facility has a common area for studying. Meals are served cafeteria-style.

Male facilities have volleyball and basketball courts, while female center features a lake on-site.

Rules and Regulations in Penfield Christian Homes

In Penfield Christian Homes phone calls are allowed only two weeks after the admission. Family members can visit their loved one three weeks into the program. Pets are not allowed, and pastors can visit anytime. Fragrances, cigarettes, and mouthwash are also forbidden. However, clients may bring their own notebooks, highlighters, appropriate clothes, and toiletries. Electronic devices are not allowed on campus.


Penfield Christian Homes is religion-based addiction recovery center with a long tradition. Over the years they helped more than 600 clients reach sobriety and regain control over their lives. Treatment program at the center includes individual and group counseling, Bible studies, family therapy, and relapse prevention planning. If you or your loved one are in need of highly spiritual counseling during addiction recovery, Penfield Christian Homes might be the right place to seek for guidance.

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