Pavillon Rehab Review: A Rehab That Will Take Your Breath Away

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Pavillon Review

Few rehab centers would have to employ an aerial drone camera to capture the entirety of its facility, Pavillon is one of those special few. The aerial photography not only captures the size of the Pavillon campus but also conversely makes it appear tiny compared to the breadth of the seemingly unending forest that surrounds it.

Far from appearing as an eyesore in the middle of untouched, North Carolina wilderness, Pavillon seems more like a natural outgrowth of the ground beneath it, with its strong earth tones and estate-like facade. Apart from being beautiful to look at, Pavillon has been treating substance abuse and dual diagnosis disorders since 1996.

Above and Beyond

The Pavillon facility takes up almost 160-acres in Mill Spring, North Carolina. There are around 50 beds to house inpatient residents and 34 beds for extended care residents.

Pavillon offers gender-specific treatment, so the inpatient accommodations are divided between men and women. Treatment programs are also gender-sensitive with men and women receiving different variations in their treatment schemes.

Pavillon has spared no expense to make accommodations for residents comfortable and inviting. Inpatient residents have the option of living in private rooms that offer stylish and colorful furnishings. Residents can also sleep two to a room if they wish. Some rooms even have outdoor balconies that open to the stunning vistas around the campus.

There are plenty of outdoor areas, as well as solariums and porches that offer a quiet place to reflect and ruminate on the lessons learned in therapy. Its natural, secluded setting offers residents plenty of space to promenade around the campus when not in therapy.

Residents can make use of an outdoor pool, gym facilities and the plentitude of walking and hiking trails that snake around the main buildings for exercise and relaxation. Physical activities like yoga and tai chi come included as treatment options for both men and women.

Time is Your Friend

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment at Pavillon centers around the 12-Step philosophy. Before entering the residential program potential entrants receive assessments from Pavillon medical staff to ensure they receive care appropriate to their needs.

Successful admission to the Pavillon program is based on several factors like age, overall health and a commitment to actively participate in the recovery process. Once a person has gained admittance, Pavillon offers medically supervised detox, if necessary, on-site.

Even during the first week, patients are continually monitored. Medical staff performs regular medical and psychological assessments to fine-tune your eventual treatment plan.

An individual counselor is assigned to each new inpatient resident. Pavillon’s low patient-to-staff ratio – 1:6 – ensures that you receive specialized care from the moment you begin your six-week stay.

Patients begin receiving individual counseling. They then move on to process groups where topics explored include the effectiveness of the 12-Step program, as well as identifying potential triggers that might lead to relapses.

A leading component of treatment at Pavillon is the inclusion of family members in therapy. Family members often join their loved one to learn more about their addiction, as well as how to support their loved one after they have left rehab.

The women’s program at Pavillon understands the particular needs of women going through recovery. Women in the residential program help each other throughout, as they undergo group therapy sessions that address topics like codependent relationships, uncovering and exploring past traumas, as well as issues of grief and shame.

Some of the more tangible treatments that women can take part in include yoga sessions and tai chi classes that help women relieve stress fruitfully and productively. Wellness, in general, plays a major role in recovery for men as well, and the physical fitness facilities available at Pavillon are proof of that.

Make it Last

The extended care program at Pavillon is an option available to inpatient residents, to participants in Pavillon’s professionals program, as well as those patients who have suffered multiple relapses. Extended care includes an array of treatment options, from cognitive behavioral therapy to alternative options like equine therapy and meditation

Much of the extended care program is dedicated to relapse prevention. Participants learn ways to cope with stresses and to better manage any dual diagnosis disorders they may be suffering from.

Young people between the ages of 18-28 have a dedicated treatment track available to them at Pavillon to treat their specific addiction problems. Addiction education and family involvement are major elements of the young person’s program.

Pavillon also offers outpatient treatments at locations other than Mill Spring. Outpatient services are offered either through Pavillon’s Greenville location or its Wilmington branch.

Patients receive individualized treatment that can include process groups, family therapy sessions and holistic treatments like yoga and massages. The Greenville location even offers a sober living residence for men.

Pavillon does not forget about you after you have left rehab. Their recovery management program pairs you with a recovery coach for up to a year after you have left Pavillon.

The recovery coach helps guide you through the pitfalls of staying sober in the outside world. They make sure you stick to your individualized recovery plan by helping you avoid relapses and coaching you through the 12-Steps.

Pavillon is a premier program that offers a thorough and comprehensive approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Their breathtaking campus is enough to lure anyone into treatment there. But behind all the beauty lies a substantial and proven treatment program that lasts for as long as you need it, and even after you have left.

Price for 30 days at Pavillon: $18,604

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