Pathways Treatment Center Rehab Review: Helping Hands

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The Pathways Treatment Center is a dedicated inpatient rehab center for acute substance abuse and mental health emergencies in Kalispell, Montana.

The Pathways Treatment Center operates within the confines of its parent network, Kalispell Regional Healthcare. KRH is a full-service healthcare organization with the Kalispell Regional Medical Center as its flagship facility located in the scenic Flathead Valley.

A Focused Mission

Along with the substance abuse treatment services offered at Pathways, Kalispell Regional Healthcare also boasts several different outpatient locations for the treatment of behavioral health disorders, in both adults and adolescents. 

Given the prevalence of dual diagnosis disorders among many substance abuse patients, Pathways can ensure a full continuum of care for any inpatient residents who require further psychiatric treatment.

The Pathways Treatment Center occupies a corner of mixed residential and commercial land in the town of Kalispell, Montana, which sleepily dozes in the Flathead Valley surrounded by national parks and nature reserves. It is a one-story building, spread out to include 40 beds for inpatient stays as well as administrative offices and examination rooms.

Pathways accepts both male and female patients, adults and adolescents. Patients share the rooms based on age and gender groups. The adolescent wing is separate from the adult wing.

Since Pathways is a short-term facility, it is not equipped with the perks of a long-term residential program. The aim of Pathways is stabilization so that its clients can transition to another treatment track or get back to normal functioning.

The focus of inpatient stays is on treatment, so inpatient residents spend their days at therapy sessions, eating meals in the cafeteria and occasionally receiving visits from their loved ones.

In the Valley

Patients at Pathways can get referred by an outside organization, their personal physician and also be admitted voluntarily or involuntarily. Intake staff can best determine if Pathways’ treatment options would best suit you or not, depending on how you get referred to its facility.

Psychiatric patients, however, need immediate stabilization and care and that is what Pathways provides. Psychiatric and substance abuse patients’ stays can last for a total of seven days or longer depending on the severity of an individual’s condition.

Voluntary patients can leave anytime after admittance, but they are encouraged to wait at least five days to receive a full assessment by an on-staff psychiatrist. Upon being admitted both psychiatric and substance abuse patients receive primary from nursing staff and get assigned a personal counselor for the duration of their stay.

Psychiatric patients receive counseling from a regular visit with their assigned psychiatrist. They may also be prescribed medication and attend psycho-social education classes to prepare them for their eventual discharge.  

Substance abuse patients can undergo medically supervised detoxification at Pathways, while being observed 24/7 by medical and nursing staff. Patients can also be treated with medications to assist in their withdrawal.

After detox symptoms have subsided, addiction patients also receive care from a specially assigned therapist. Treatment at Pathways involves attendance at group therapy sessions, recreational activities aimed at relieving stress and anxiety, in addition to addiction and psycho-social education classes.

Given that Pathways acts primarily as a stabilization unit, once your treatment team has determined that you have stabilized they assist you in creating an aftercare plan, which can include referrals to other local outpatient programs or continued medication and psychiatric care.

The Pathways Treatment Center acts as a stop-gap solution for those in serious need of urgent psychiatric and substance abuse treatment. It offers structured care from a professional staff of mental health nurses, doctors, psychiatrists and addiction counselors to help guide patients back to a semblance of normalcy.

Price per day at Pathways Treatment Center: $2,600

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