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After his career as a professional golfer went down the hill due to addiction, Dennis McColgin founded Pathway to Recovery, addiction treatment center. The center provides residential care for men and women in La Marque, and in Angleton, Texas, an all-men facility.

Pathway to Recovery: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Family members are encouraged to participate in therapy sessions. For those in need, the center provides help in getting a highschool diploma.

Pathway to Recovery does not offer detox or dual diagnosis treatment. Individuals who require these services are referred to the nearby facility. Treatment program at the center is completely based on the 12-step philosophy and the disease model of addiction.

The staff includes therapists, counselors, and house managers.

Facilities and Extras

The center in La Marque has the capacity to accommodate 32 clients. Men are located in the main house, while women stay in two separate dorms. Every room and a bathroom are shared by two or three clients. Angleton facility provides a temporary home for 25 men and rooms are shared by three to four patients.

During the integration phase which lasts for ten days, outings are restricted, while later residents are allowed to go to meetings off-site with their sponsor.

Meals are prepared by a professional chef, except on weekends when clients take care of their own meals.

During their free time, clients can enjoy basketball and volleyball courts, as well as weight lifting. The goal of these recreational group activities is to promote a sense of belonging, confidence, strength and to encourage peer support.

Clients are welcome to participate in the local 12-step events such as dance and holiday trips.

Rules and Regulations

The day in the Pathway to Recovery starts at 6 AM. Before breakfast residents engage in some sort of physical activity. After the meal, patients attend meditation and spiritual literature classes. After lunch, individual counseling and AA or NA meetings are held. In the evening there is another set of meetings. The lights are out at 11 PM. During the weekends there is a lot more free time, and the schedule is more flexible.

Residents are obliged to do house chores and keep their space clean.


Pathway to Recovery is addiction treatment center that provides rehabilitation services for both women and men. The facility does not offer detox or dual diagnosis treatment and the program is mostly based on the 12-step philosophy. A busy schedule does not leave a lot of free time for clients. However, on weekends patients can enjoy off-site activities, or do the recreational activities available at the facility.

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