Pasadena Villa Treatment Center Rehab Review: Choose the Right Path

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Pasadena Villa offers a residential treatment program in Orlando, Florida. This treatment center guides  individuals towards a socially fulfilling life, by helping them deal with depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorders, bipolar disorder, autism spectrum, psychosis and co-occurring substance abuse or addiction. Pasadena Villa opened in 2002 and soon expanded to include the Transitional Living and Learning Center in 2005 as well as two Community Residential Homes in 2008. There is also a second location, Smoky Mountain Lodge, opened in 2009.

Pasadena Villa: Treatment, Programs, and Staff

There are multiple levels of care available at Pasadena Villa, each providing top quality care, and support. The length of stay for most people is about 3 or 4 months of intensive residential care. This is usually followed by 6 to 9 months of supervised living in a “step down” setting at one of the centers’ community housing.

On-site and off site treatment options are offered at the Villa Orlando and Smoky Mountain Lodge. Residents choose the level of care they want to begin with, but it is recommended to start with Intensive Residential Treatment, which offers a high staff to resident ratio, 24-hour staffing and various therapies, education, and support.

On-site residential treatment options also include Community-Based Residential Treatment. This treatment represents a less intensive community residential care, offered in single family group homes. These require less supervision by the staff, but the additional on-call staff is available round the clock. Gender-specific Community Residential Homes offer a safe environment, and the staff also guides each resident to reach the highest level of independence as possible.

Off-site treatment options include Day Treatment and Supported Housing. Day Treatment is intended for those who progressed enough not to need residential treatment but still, need support. This level of care allows patients to take part in individualized therapies seven days a week while living in their home. Supported Housing option is very similar to Day Treatment, with the help of the staff in finding and securing appropriate housing.

Outpatient programs are available at Pasadena Villa Outpatient Center – Raleigh. They are based on a structured program focused on group interventions. Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is the most comprehensive one. Clients attend the program five days a week, 5 hours per day. CBT, DBT, and EMDR are evidence-based practices that are used in group sessions. Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a step down from PHP. IOP program patients meet three days per week for 3-4 hours a day. Group sessions are very similar to PHP, and allow the clients to return to their work or school obligations while attending the program.

Through the internally developed Social Integration Model Pasadena Villa applies, residents have the opportunity to participate in social, cultural, and recreational activities in the community. This program prepares residents for a life outside of treatment and for future independence.

Facilities and Extras

Pasadena Villa allows the residents to stay in an urban, artistic community. Accommodation is offered for 14 residents, in private rooms. The entire building looks like a large, white-columned 1990’s era suburban home. Pasadena Villas’ decor is dated but comfortable.

Each room has a TV. Residents can watch it and use the internet in scheduled sessions. What is interesting and different than in most traditional treatment centers, internet use is intended for social networking, because this is viewed as an integral part of the client’s mental well-being.

Meals are served at one large table, which creates a family atmosphere. This is seen as a form of group therapy since the patients and staff members eat together. This helps the patients to develop social skills. All dietary restrictions and recommendations are accommodated by trained kitchen staff and on-staff dietitians.

Art therapy, career, and academic coaching, recreational therapy, creative crafts, cooking group, nutrition group, are one of many extra activities offered at Pasadena Villa.

Rules and Regulations

Admission criteria for clients are that he/she is age 18 or older, diagnosed as having a mental illness, ambulatory or capable of self-transfer, able to participate in treatment, capable of self-administration of medications,  etc.

Some exclusionary criteria include a major medical condition requiring ongoing nursing services, imminent, un-stabilized or persistent behaviors posing a danger to self or others, requiring 24-hour supervision, chronic inappropriate behavior, any prior diagnosis as a sexual perpetrator or sexual predator.

Pasadena Villa is a private out-of-network provider, joint accredited. It works closely with families and their insurance benefits to assist clients to access affordable care.


Located in a serene environment, Pasadena villa offers to relieve the stress and specializes in treating various psychical and physical conditions.  All forms of substance abuse and addiction are treated, with the help of specific treatment options, methods of rehabilitation and therapeutic techniques, firmly rooted in the Social Integration Methodology.

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