Pasadena Recovery Center Rehab Review: Home of “Celebrity Rehab”

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Pasadena Recovery Center Review

The Pasadena Recovery Center (PRC) is a drug and alcohol addiction and recovery center located in Pasadena, CA, It is best known for being the filming site for Dr. Drew’s “Celebrity Rehab” TV show.

Pasadena Recovery Center: Treatments, Programs and Staff

The treatment team at PRC is staffed with physicians, psychologists and drug counselors. The center treats most types of addictions, including the following:

PRC bases its treatment model on the 12-step recovery program, although patients with dual-diagnosis received personalized treatment plans to deal with their co-occurring disorders. The treatment philosophy combines chronic substance use treatment with spiritual, mental and physical recovery in an effort to heal the whole person and ready them for reintegration into their lives.

PRC is family run, and the staff there works to have the environment reflect that close-knit vibe. Each client is assigned a buddy who is normally an experienced resident to help guide them through the experience.

Pasadena Recovery Center: Facilities and Extras

The facility has 98 beds, and clients share with one other person unless they pay extra for a single room. Beyond 12-step treatment meetings, PRC offers alternative healing methods intended for relaxation and rejuvenation.. These offerings include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga
  • Softball tournaments against nearby rehab facilities
  • Walks around the Rose Bowl
  • Music therapy
  • Time in the exercise/weight room

PRC also offers a speaker series featuring addiction experts and thought leaders to educate residents on various aspects of their disease state. Notable past speakers include:

  • Former White House Drug Policy Director Gil Kerlikowske
  • Inspirational author and holocaust survivor Dr. Erica Miller
  • Celebrity Rehab Reunion – Bob Forrest, Sheley Sprague, Amber Smith, Jason Wahler

Rules and Regulations in Pasadena Recovery Center

Devices with access to the internet or cameras are not allowed at PRC. Other forbidden items include:

  • Cell phones
  • Products with alcohol in them
  • Revealing clothing
  • Energy drinks of any kind
  • Candles or incense
  • Electronic cigarettes

Pasadena Recovery Center: Reviews

The reviews for PRC are largely positive. On Facebook, one reviewer gave PRC 5 stars and credits the program and the community it fosters with helping her regain participation in her own life. One reviewer on Google credits PRC with saving his life, while another gave the following glowing endorsement:

“I highly recommend to anyone who is in need of help with substance use disorder to consider Pasadena Recovery Center, they are in the business of saving lives and truly care about helping all those who still suffer.”

On the negative side, a Yelp reviewer deemed the PRC a “scam” and claimed “[PRC] tried to rip me off for thousands and thousands of dollars when I was only there for a week, and put my life and recovery in great risk without a care in the world.”

Alumni testimonials:

Contacting Pasadena Recovery Center

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