Parker Valley Hope Rehab Review: No Frills Road to Recovery

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Valley Hope of Park is one of the facilities under the Valley Hope Association umbrella of addiction treatment centers located nationwide. It is a small facility with relatively limited resources, but the Valley Hope Association has gained a positive reputation for providing affordable and comprehensive care.

Although Valley Hope of Parker recommends that clients stay for the entire duration of the 30-day treatment plan, the residential treatment programs can last from 17 to 30 days based on client needs.

Valley Hope of Parker: Treatments, Programs and Staff

Treatment at Valley Hope starts a patient assessment that includes a medical history review, physical exam, nursing assessment, a psycho-social history review and a psychological screening assessment.  The areas of substance abuse treatment offered at Valley Hope of Parker include:

Valley Hope of Parker: Facilities and Extras

The facility has 10 detox beds – 5 for men and 5 for women – so clients may undergo medication detox under the supervision of a medical doctor, nurse practitioner and pharmacist. The facility also has 40 residential beds in 2-person dormitory-style rooms. The rooms are decorated in a simple style and come with a dresser, closet and a shared bathroom.

With respect to behavioral therapy, clients at the facility are active in local 12-step meetings and are taught about all the different stages of addiction so they can better understand their disease. Valley Hope also subscribes to the idea that nutritional wellness is intrinsically linked to emotional wellness, so the staff make nutritious, homemade meals 7 days a week.

Valley Hope champions family care as a vital component of residential substance abuse treatment services. Through family small group and interactive sessions, family members come to understand addiction as a disease and the behaviors needs to help support their loved ones through recovery.

Valley Hope of Parker also offers a Family Intensive Training (FIT), which is an online group discussion facilitated by a family counselor, and also individual therapy sessions once per week. You don’t have to be a family member of someone participating in Valley Hope’s program to take advantage of this service.

Valley Hope at Parker does not offer dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) or eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), but staff can recommend providers who offer these services if the client desires.

Valley Hope of Parker: The Good, Bad and Ugly

One reviewer on Facebook credited Valley Hope of Parker for saving his life and helping him become happier than he has ever been in his life, while a Google reviewer said it is clear the staff is serious about their business and that you will leave with “more hope than ever.” Another reviewer described the experience as “intense and very helpful.”

As far as negative reviews are concerned, one Google entry lambasts Valley Hope of Parker as being “all about the money” not worth the while if you have to pay out of pocket. The same review criticizes the small size of the facility and the food. Another reviewer on Google echoed the sentiment that the program isn’t worth the money.

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