Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center Rehab Review: Healing by the Lake

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Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center in Rayville, Louisiana, is a substance abuse rehab facility with a 20-year long history. The property spreads over 70 acres of beautiful landscapes near Lafourche Lake. The capacity of the center is 100 beds.

The treatment is based on the 12-step philosophy, with the programs tailored to accommodate each patient’s needs.

Residents stay in cabins located near the lake and are gender-specific, while male and female facilities are separated by the administrative building. Clients stay in double bedrooms with private bathrooms. Each cabin also has a kitchen and a common area with a TV. Residents prepare their own meals and go grocery shopping. Unlike female cabins, male units have a ping-pong table.

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center provides:

Residential treatment is based on therapeutic community models where residents learn how to function without drugs as a group.

The intensive outpatient program starts with the fact that addiction is a chronic disease with high possibility for relapse. It can be a primary treatment option or an after-option, when residential treatment is completed. Patients attend therapy sessions three times a week, which allows them to continue with their everyday obligations all while working on their recovery.

The staff of Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center includes nurses, case manager, counselors, spiritual counselor, intake coordinator, etc.

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center: Facilities and Extras

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center offers a 3-day medical and psychiatric evaluation period.

For families of those struggling with addiction a specialized family program is available. It includes family workshops, education about addiction, and family empowerment.

The center also provides program aimed for professionals with substance abuse problems. In this program patients learn how to deal with self-esteem issues, financial problems, and career issues caused by substance use; they learn how to achieve and maintain lifestyle balance. Licensed professionals who are struggling with drug use disorder attend meetings with their colleagues with the same problem. That way they can get peer support and build a support network.

Relapse track is a program intended specifically for clients that have a history of relapsing or are assessed as such at the preliminary evaluation. It lasts for eight weeks, and is divided into 2 phases. The main goal of this program is to identify substance abuse triggers.

During their stay, residents are encouraged to exercise at the gym, play tennis, or volleyball.

Rules and Regulations in Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center

Each day in Palmetto Recovery Center starts with exercise and community meetings. After breakfast, residents attend group therapy sessions which are gender-specific. Individual counseling sessions are held after lunch.

The length of stay in the center is not defined; instead, it is proposed depending on specific needs of each patient. The recovery treatment is divided into four phases, with clients having to complete certain assignments before they can advance to the next phase.

42 days in the center is a milestone after which clients can earn their five-hour pass to visit a nearby town.


Palmetto Recovery Center provides individualized program based on the 12-step philosophy. The center provides everything a person suffering from any form of addiction needs – from medically supervised detox, residential treatment, outpatient program, to family support. Professionals who work there acknowledge the importance of continuous care and relapse prevention. Treatment goals are accomplished by therapeutic community model where clients learn how to function without the drug by taking care of the household, doing chores and cooperating with members of the group.

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