Palm Partners Rehab Review: A Relaxed Rehab in Florida

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Palm Partners Review

The Palm Partners Recovery Center embodies the therapeutic model named after its home state, the Florida model. Patients enrolled in the inpatient program at Palm Partners Recovery Center live in shared residences for the duration of the treatment while attending therapy sessions during the day.

Palm Partners Recovery Center takes even further inspiration from the Sunshine State with its emphasis on holistic treatments and better living philosophy to help treat substance abuse and mental health disorders. Located in sunny Delray, Florida the Palm Partners rehab center also offers a Platinum Partners treatment track for a more exclusive clientele.

A Paradise Rehab

The Palm Partners Recovery Center takes its inspiration from the myriad of palm trees that dot the primary facility. Not to mention the circle of palm trees that surround the outdoor pool.

Palm Partners follows the Florida model of recovery. Once patients have gone through the medically supervised detox available on-site, they enter the residential program.

The residential program consists of being housed with other residents. Residents share a two bedroom bungalow that is self-contained, meaning the house has its living facilities, kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms, etc.

The Palm Gardens bungalows all offer modern and tasteful amenities. Except, the Platinum Partners treatment track is a step-up in terms of the accommodations and amenities it offers.

Platinum Partners receive more luxurious housing and access to recreational amenities not available to regular residents. Platinum Partners residents have amenities like Jacuzzis, limo service and access to private beaches.

The Florida Model

Palm Partners offers detox for both alcohol and drugs, with each detox period lasting for anywhere between 4 to 10 days. During detox, Palm Partners medical staff carefully monitor all patients and administer medications to help ease withdrawal symptoms should they be needed.

Holistic elements begin to appear even during the detoxification period. Clients can receive, in addition to medically assisted therapies, massages, acupuncture and nutritious meals to help them recover.

Palm Partners treatment options mostly center around the 12-Steps. But thrown into that mix is a smattering of other treatments that can be used, depending on the assessments of Palm Partners medical staff and your individualized treatment plan.

Included in the treatment portfolio next to individual and group therapy sessions centered around the 12-Step philosophy are hypnotherapy, yoga, acupuncture, Zumba, meditation and massage and chiropractic services.

Preparing for After

Inpatient residencies usually for 30-days. Family therapy sessions can also form a part of your inpatient treatment plan. Loved ones receive addiction education classes and learn to how best support you once you have left the inpatient program.

Like with most residential treatment programs, a lot of time is dedicated during your stay to preparing you for life after rehab and Palm Partners is no different. Palm Partners allows you to adjust to life after rehab by offering sober living housing that can help ease your transition back to normal life.

An aftercare plan is created with your participation to help you identify your addiction triggers and stick to a relapse prevention plan. There are also outpatient services available through Palm Partners for those who have a stable home and work environment but may be struggling with addiction or dual diagnosis problems.

Palm Partners offers a program that takes a step back from forcing you into a particular treatment scheme, by offering you, instead, a variety of options. This is something germane to the Florida model that sees residents living independently but still receiving treatment during the day.

Price for 30 days at Palm Partners: $19,500

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