Ontrack Treatment Center Review: Comprehensive Counseling Services

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Located in Oregon, Ontrack treatment center offers recovery for those who struggle with substance abuse. This treatment center’s program addresses the mental, social, economic and legal effects of addictive behavior. The treatment options include residential programs in Grants Pass and Medford, as well as outpatient services in White City and Ashland, Oregon.

Ontrack: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Ontrack offers many different services which meet the needs of almost anyone who needs help and treatment. Each program is well-structured and specially designed to accompany different needs and personalities. The average length of stay varies from 60 to 120 days, which is evaluated in the walk-in center in Medford. Each facility has a waiting list, with the highest need given priority clients on top.

Detox services are not available at Ontrack, but this facility works closely with local medical facilities, so the clients are provided with the services they require. Special attention is provided to pregnant women and clients that require dual diagnosis support, since they are escorted to all necessary appointments.   

The residential treatment is based on four hours of group therapy per day, and 10 off-site 12-step meetings each week. Once a week, clients are provided with individual CBT and there is a peer process group meeting each night.  Cognitive change, The Franklin Model and seeking safety are the core values of group therapies. Clients can choose whether they will attend gender-specific or mixed groups.

Since physical activities are an important part of the recovery, clients are required to exercise thirty minutes a day. Besides this obligation, cleaning and kitchen chores are regularly assigned and rotated. If the clients have partners in Dad’s or HOME program, it can be arranged for children to visit each parent.

The Dad’s program is the residential treatment and support for fathers who are recovering, with their children. The services include fatherhood coaching, domestic violence education and anger management education training. Assistance in overcoming typical recovery process barriers, such as employment, child care and medical issues is also offered. The HOME program is a residential treatment for women and their under school age children.

The outpatient program is intended for those who can’t afford taking time off work, school or family responsibilities, so the treatment is in progress while maintaining daily routine. The outpatient program includes four to five group therapy sessions per week, in the overall duration of one to three months, depending on each client’s specific needs. This program is also intended to be an essential part of aftercare for those that have completed one of the inpatient programs.

Youth services include Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Minor in Possession Education, School-based Counseling and Treatment Services, Parenting Program, Family Therapy Program, Healthy Babies Program – for substance-using, high risk pregnant and postpartum women.

Facilities and Extras

Ontrack treatment center includes housing for special needs: low cost and second chance housing – Stevens Place and Stewart Avenue, as well as Transitional Housing in various facilities.

Each Ontrack facility implements the same program tailored according to unique requirements of every client. The residential inpatient center for men and women over 18, accommodates 10 clients, in five-bed gender-separated dorms.  The HOME program, for women and children, accommodates 60 women and children. Pregnant women may share rooms with other pregnant women. Women with infants are given the priority of staying in private rooms. The facility where The Dad’s program operates is a nearby, smaller home, for up to eight fathers, each with one or two children.

Aftercare is encouraged in all clients graduating from both inpatient and outpatient programs. This includes weekly check-ins with the client’s case manager for one to three months after the completion of treatment.

Clients are included in kitchen duties, and food preparation is also one of them. A seven-week meal plan is created with the assistance of a chef, to ensure the daily nutritional needs are met.

Rules and Regulations at Ontrack

The cost of Ontrack treatment is $11.250, for 30 days. As a nonprofit corporation, this facility offers services to all individuals, regardless of their ability to pay.

Fees for most programs are based on the client’s gross monthly household income. Only a few programs, like Domestic Violence Regulation and DUII Treatment require the client to pay full cost of the services.

Oregon Health Plan and most private insurance plans are accepted at Ontrack.


Ontrack provides various treatment and services for clients regardless of their ethnicity, religion, nationality, age, sexual preference, gender or ability to pay. Although this is a nonprofit organization, the quality of its programs is comparable to any available program in Oregon. The self-paced and highly structured methods ensure that the clients will build a strong foundation for recovery and a drug-free future.  

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