Ocean Breeze Recovery Rehab Review: A Sunny and Holistic Rehab

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Ocean Breeze Recovery Review

Ocean Breeze Recovery started in 2009, in the scenic, beachfront community of Pompano Beach, Florida. Ocean Breeze Recovery offers men and women over the age of 18 inpatient residential treatments, as well as outpatient services to treat addiction and mental health conditions.

Ocean Breeze Recovery rehab offers a Florida model of inpatient treatment by providing luxury accommodations to its residents while they attend treatment sessions at another location. Ocean Breeze Recovery even provides free transportation to and from treatment appointments as well as to local 12-Step meetings.

Life is but a Breeze

The laid-back character of south Florida is reflected in Ocean Breeze Recovery’s treatment philosophy as well as it residential treatment accommodations. Ocean Breeze Recovery makes use of several condominiums to house its residents while they are in treatment.

The condominiums are part of a larger complex with recreational facilities like a pool and common areas that are available to all clients. Men and women live separately in the compound and they also attend separate treatment sessions.

The condos typically house two guests at a time. There is plenty of space in the bedrooms, so residents don’t feel boxed in by their housemate.

The rest of the condo has all the latest furnishings and amenities. There is a fully stocked kitchen where residents can socialize and prepare their meals. There are stunning views thanks to the wrap-around windows of some of the units.

There are even penthouse suites for those guests who have enrolled in the long-term residential program, known as the Phase 1 program. Phase II and Phase III are the intensive outpatient program and the outpatient program respectively.

A Different Size Plan

Ocean Breeze Recovery offers various individualized plans to all their clients, both inpatient and outpatient. All incoming patients pass through a series of evaluation and assessments to determine which treatment plan would best suit them.

Some patients may require medically supervised detox, which Ocean Breeze provides as the first step of most of their recovery plans. A typical inpatient stay at Ocean Breeze lasts for close to 30-days. There is an option for long-term care that runs for almost three months.

As mentioned above, men and women receive gender-specific care. Except most of the treatment options at Ocean Breeze are the same for women as they are for men.

Individual and group counseling sessions are how most treatment plans start. Most therapy sessions have cognitive and dialectical behavior readjustment as their guiding principles.

Daily 12-Step meetings are also a significant mainstay of treatment plans. Ocean Breeze is a big believer in holistic therapies, and there are plenty to choose.

Psychodrama classes allow more traumatic experiences to be explored and played out in a safe environment. Creative classes, in both music and art, are also available to allow patients a different outlet for their confused mental state other than just talk therapy.

For patients with a spiritual bent, Ocean Breeze has on staff a Christian counselor who guides patients on the ways faith plays a role in recovery.

Finding Your Way

Ocean Breeze Recovery, like most rehab centers, aims to help you transition back to your normal life. Ocean Breeze helps you get back to life by offering outpatient services in both intensive and regular formats.

Most of these outpatient sessions deal heavily with relapse prevention classes along with teaching life skills and providing addiction education classes to loved one so they can help you find long-lasting sobriety.

Ocean Breeze Recovery is a sun-drenched rehab center with an excellent combination of traditional, abstinence-based and alternative therapies that help combat addiction and dual diagnosis disorders. Ocean Breeze makes good use of its multi-disciplined staff to find the right treatment plan for you.

Price for 28 days at Ocean Breeze Recovery: $20,000

Prolonged inpatient stays beginning at: $8,500

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