North County Serenity House Rehab Review: Caring for All

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North County Serenity House Review

The North County Serenity house is a multi-faceted rehab facility that provides substance abuse treatment and inpatient care for women and their children. The North Count Serenity House is made up of a residential facility, sober living home as well as a childcare center that is open to the public.

The North County Serenity House operates under the umbrella of HealthRight 360, which is the product of a merger between two of the most important community healthcare providers in Southern California.

Born in the Sixties

North County Serenity House began back in 1966, as the product of the work of six women in recovery who wanted to start an addiction treatment program that was sensitive and responsive to the needs of women.

The house first began as a small facility located in Escondido, California. It has since expanded to offer perinatal and infant care as well as a transitional house for women looking to re-enter society.

Since the Serenity House primarily serves an underserved group like women with children who need addiction treatment, it was only natural that it became a part of the HealthRight 360 network. HealthRight 360 can trace its lineage back to the 60s when its two forebearers setup one of the first free healthcare providers in the country.

The North County Serenity House can house up to 120 women at its residential facility. It can also house up to 20 children under the age of 5.

From the outside, the Serenity House complex resembles a mid-size motel because of its size and fenced-off property. Apart from the inpatient residential facility, the complex also houses the Serenity Village sober living homes, which opened in 2008.

Because of the population that it houses along with the duration of stays for most women, the Serenity House complex offers all the essential amenities associated with a long-term program, as well as a few extras. There are eight houses in total that have three bedrooms each.

The compound also provides a shared-use kitchen, common areas, as well as several play areas for children. Meeting and group therapy rooms, finish out the rest of the property’s facilities.

As Safe As Can Be

Inpatient residential treatment stays at the Serenity House can last for anywhere between 12 to 24 months. The Serenity House follows a treatment model based on the 12-Step model. However, other treatment options are also available.

Women have treatment plans that address their specific needs, which includes treatment for dual diagnosis disorders, as well as treatment plans that cater to trauma-based addictions. They can receive individual and group counseling or take addiction education and relapse prevention classes.  

Treatment plans also take strides to teach women healthy coping skills as well as effective communication techniques. Helping them deal with stressful situations that may have been dealt with in the past by abusing substances ensures a long-lasting recovery for most women.

A lot of the women coming to the Serenity House have more to deal with than just addiction problems. Serenity House offers women not only substance abuse treatment but helps with vocational training, social services like connecting them with childcare providers and job placement opportunities.

Women who enter the Serenity House with their children can also take advantage of the early child development classes offered to all mothers through the Discovery Center, which is the Serenity House’s stand-alone childcare center.

Once they have completed an inpatient stay, women can move to the Serenity Village to continue getting substance abuse treatment while also receiving aftercare services like case management and life skills training.

The North County Serenity House offers women and their children at the margins of society a safe, comfortable place to get better. They offer individualized plans that address women’s needs and responds to any trauma that may have triggered their substance abuse.

Serenity House also pays great attention and care to the young children of their residents. While these families may have endured difficult circumstances, the Serenity House offers them the tools to establish and maintain healthy relationships, as well as keeping them substance-free.

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