Newport Academy Teen Rehab Center Review: Healing the Youngsters

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In 2009, recovering alcoholic Jamison Monroe recognized the need to help youngsters affected by addiction. So he founded Newport Academy. It is an adolescent treatment center, accommodating and treating teens between 12 and 18 years old. The center admits patients, both boys and girls, for drug and alcohol addiction, including mental conditions like eating disorders, suicidal tendencies, or depression. Newport Academy is located in the city of Orange, California, close by Orange County’s soothing coastline and beaches.

Newport Academy: Treatment, Programs and Staff

Newport Academy is both treatment center and an academy at the same time, as teens attending rehabilitation have fully transferrable school curricula during their treatment. As such, Newport Academy offers Day Schools and Family Approach programs, in addition to its residential and outpatient programs. These programs help clients to reach their academic potentials as they are recovering from the abuse, and even help them with college applications.

When it comes to residential programs, they are gender specific. Whether male or female resident, each adolescent is provided with evidence-based, academic, and clinical elements to reach comprehensive care. Residential programs consist of minimum 30 hours of clinical therapies on a weekly basis, followed by 20 hours of academic study.

Newport Academy provides each patient with an individualized treatment in its residential treatment center. As such, the center assigns an eight-person treatment team to each teen admitted to the program, to maintain growth and healing in the most positive way. The Treatment Team consists of:

  1. Psychiatrist
  2. Individual Therapist
  3. Family Therapist
  4. Medical Doctor/Pediatrician
  5. Registered Nurse
  6. Registered Dietician/Nutritionist
  7. Recovery Counselor
  8. Clinical Director

The Treatment Team works with teens suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, and eating disorders, which are the most common conditions for admission. In residential programs, patients usually stay between 60 and 90 days. Substance abuse treatment starts with the initial detox phase until the patient reaches sustainable sobriety, maintained through Outpatient program. Additionally, Family therapy is accentuated as the primary focus of the treatment. Outpatient and Therapeutic Day School can last from 60 days to one year.

Newport Academy: Facilities and Extras

Newport Academy has separate facilities for its male and female patients, while the Academy itself has two locations, West Coast, and East Coast.

The Newport Academy West Coast is located near Santa Ana Valley and Santiago Oaks Regional Park, offering the patients views over mountains, orange groves, creeks, and forests, and all of that just 45 minutes from Los Angeles. The Newport Academy East Coast is located between New York and Connecticut, among hills and streams that are perfect scenery for patients to find peace and heal. Both locations offer cozy and ranch-style housing for 5 to 9 girls and boys, while common areas are used for group sessions. In their private rooms, teens are paired with a roommate as close to their age as possible. Each patient is provided with a twin bed.

To enhance positive growth of a patient, Newport Academy offers exquisite additional therapies. Horticulture program allows patients to cultivate a garden and provides nutrition; music and art therapy enable creative expression, while adventure therapy, including yoga, martial arts, and meditation provide patients with on- and off-site fitness and psychical health improvement both in California and Connecticut.

Rules and Regulations at the Newport Academy

The day at the Academy starts at 7 AM, with school from 8:30 – 9:30 AM and 1 – 2 PM each workday. In between, patients take part in aforementioned activities, while art and adventure therapies take place on weekends. For the meal time, patients are obliged to dine together with the staff as a family-style meal to enhance group relationships and family interactions. Daily chores are split up among residents, so that all patients do equal amount of work.


Even though the Academy operates for less than a decade, it already has a strong network of alumni to witness its quality. The combination of highly qualified and numerous staff, various therapies, and natural settings of California and Connecticut make it a perfect place for a teen to get back on track. Moreover, collaboration between the Academy and residents’ home schools accentuates the ongoing education during the treatment, which at the same time enables patients to develop existential skills and finally, sober up while fighting teen substance abuse.

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