New Hope Manor Rehab Review: Transformation Born of Struggle

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New Hope Manor Review

The New Hope Manor operates two separate residences, one for inpatient treatment and the other for transitional living after rehab, which caters to pregnant women and women with children needing addiction and mental health treatment.

The two locations, in upstate New York, offer residential treatment services, with childcare available to all women enter the residence with their children. Pregnant women and women with preschool age children can also receive treatment at the New Hope Manor residences.

Getting to a Safe Place

The New Hope Manor is a rehab program aimed primarily at pregnant women and women with children, although women without children can also receive treatment at one of their houses. Women thirteen years and older can enter the New Hope homes.

The residential facility operated by New Hope, located in the scenic town of Barryville, New York and overlooking the Delaware River has over 50-beds for women and 12-beds for children.

The rural setting of the house offers women a much-needed escape from the hectic lives they were leading.

The Barryville location offers women quiet and peaceful accommodations, with women and their children sharing quarters with other mothers and their kids. Women without children also share rooms.

The rooms are plain and nondescript with twin beds set against the walls and a few pieces of furniture scattered around the room for clothes and belongings. The house offers medical examination rooms, offices spaces with computers for women to work on, as well as ample living spaces and common rooms.

The house features a large dining area with healthy and nutritious meals for regular fare. Women not feeling well enough to make it to the cafeteria get their meals brought to their rooms.

Women and their children also have the entirety of the grounds at their disposal, which during the fall months can mean taking in an explosion of autumnal colors in the surrounding woods. In the summer months, residents have an outdoor swimming pool and tennis court to play and relax.  

Hope Awakens

Women at the New Hope Manor can receive stabilization and rehabilitation services at the Barryville location. Once they have gone through extensive inpatient treatment, they can move to the Poughkeepsie house to make the transition to life outside of rehab.

Stabilization, or detox, involves women with manageable withdrawal symptoms being under medical supervision for the duration of their detox period. After detox, women undergo treatment specialized to their condition and history.

Stays as inpatient residents can last for an indeterminate length of time, again, owing to a woman’s particular situation. All treatment plans are built around a woman’s addiction and mental health history, but they usually combine cognitive behavioral therapy along with group and individual counseling.

Mothers with children can also receive help accessing vital social supports like housing, childcare services, and social benefits. The licensed mental health professionals at New Hope also provide counseling for women with dual diagnosis disorders.

Apart from substance abuse treatment, women in residence can receive vocational training, spiritual guidance from on-site counselors and even get free transportation to places of worship. Family members can also attend counseling sessions to help their loved one through this tough time.  

In a Mother’s Arms

Pregnant women or women with children under three years-old have a special treatment track just for them. Pregnant women receive prenatal care, addiction counseling and parenting and pregnancy classes. Postpartum women can also receive parenting classes and instruction on how to care for an infant.

Young children and infants are taken care of in a state-certified daycare facility on site, while their mothers are in treatment. The facility offers ample play areas as well as hands-on care and age appropriate learning activities from licensed staff.  Mother and child are reunited afterwards and share the same room to sleep.

The New Hope Manor sober living house operates under the same strictures as most sober living facilities. The house in small-town and distraction-free Poughkeepsie, New York and features bedrooms, living rooms, and therapy rooms.

Residents must abstain at all times from drugs and alcohol and limit their contact with other substance abusers, even if they are family members. But otherwise, women should be working or looking for a job while at the house, keep their rooms and themselves clean and presentable and not smoke or curse.

Women also have the option of receiving outpatient care, within the house or at another facility in the community. Children are also accepted into the sober living house, but go to another location in town for daycare.

The New Hope Manor homes are a vital safety net for women with substance abuse problems and the children of mothers struggling with addiction. Their two locations take in women from all walks of life, offer evidence-based treatments and social support and pay special care and attention to the children in their care.

Prices at New Hope Manor based on a sliding scale.

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