New Hope IBHC Rehab Review: Teaching Recovery Behaviors That Last

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Last For Over 30 years

Formerly known as New Hope Foundation, this 501c(3) is now called New Hope IBHC. IBHC stands for “Integrated Behavioral Health Care.” This drug rehab center holds a license in the state of New Jersey from the commision on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). New Hope is proud to be placed among the best local rehabs in the state owing to its comprehensive and quality service and continuous development of the professional staff through education and participation in academic research and conferences. The approach at New Hope is for the patient to assimilate effective “recovery behavior” during their stay at the facility. This means the patient will learn principles such as healthy values, responsibility and self-reflection which equip the patient with the skills to avoid relapse during their lifetime journey of recovery.

New Hope IBHC Center: Treatment, Programs, and Staff

New Hope IBHC offers inpatient and outpatient treatment options at its multiple facilities. There is a separate men’s and women’s halfway house for inpatient treatment. Residential stays can be short term (approximately one month), or they can last up to 90 days for long term needs. While undergoing inpatient treatment, cafeteria-style meals are provided and the resident can expect to have a roommate share their living quarters. A 14-day detox program with 24 hour nurse supervision is employed to handle incoming residents suffering from acute withdrawal symptoms before they enter the general population. Patients can receive medical, psychiatric, psychological, personal and family counseling, and pharmaceutical substitutes to help them overcome the difficulties of their addiction. Treatment plans are individualized for each resident. New Hope provides caring support for any type of chemical dependency with or without co-occurring mental health issues. It even can help with gambling addiction.

A central component to all of New Hope’s treatment offerings is education. There are educational programs offered for the patient to learn workplace skills, general life skills and there are also opportunities for the families of residents to learn about drug rehabilitation by participating in family counseling.

New Hope IBHC: Facilities and Extras

The inpatient facilities can accommodate 140 residents at a time. There are separate buildings for male and female residents and within each building the adult populations are housed in a separate wing from the youth populations, who range in age from 13 to 17.

In keeping with New Hope’s emphasis on education, youth undergoing treatment at New Hope are enrolled in an award winning, virtual education program during their stay.

The outpatient facilities are located in Freehold, NJ and it offers aftercare programs such as drug screening, addiction assessments, referrals, counseling and educational services during day-time and nighttime hours.

What is the admission process for New Hope IBHC like?

The online admission process can be quite selective. There is a screening conducted by one of the counselors, but if an individual is turned away from New Hope, contact information for other local rehabs will be provided. Some patients may be placed in a waiting queue, with admission contingent on certain criteria.

Rules and Regulations in New Hope IBHC

New Hope maintains strict decorum in its halfway houses. A stringent dress code is enforced at all times. No body piercings and no clothing depicting sex, drugs, violence, gang imagery, nor defamatory content may be brought into the facility. Certain personal belongings are not permitted in the facility such as cell phones, makeup, games, radios or computers.

New Hope IBHC Review

The comprehensive suite of treatment services and the education-first philosophy of New Hope gives patients who stay here a remarkable experience and all of the skills and support necessary to beat addiction. New Hope uses touted research-based techniques in a firmly structured environment because all of the staff are deeply committed to seeing their patients succeed. Insurance is accepted and grant funding can be used for those in financial need. For some people, the lack of a single campus is a drawback, since transitioning to the unfamiliar outpatient service center after their residency in the New Hope halfway house can be disorienting. Nevertheless, there is hope here for anyone struggling with addiction to start on their journey to a full recovery and benefit from the ongoing support provided by the outpatient aftercare. This is one of those good rehab facilities that definitely deserves a look.

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