Morris Village Rehab Review: Treating Addiction in South Carolina

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The Morris Village Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center has over 30 years of experience treating addiction and dual diagnosis disorders in Columbia, South Carolina. The Morris Village takes a therapeutic model of treating addiction, as its treatment options stress the value of a group setting to help people recover.

It Takes a Community

The Morris Village offers its inpatient residents a “therapeutic community model” of treatment. The community model houses addiction sufferers together in a bid to get them to help each other, and also as a way to work together to solve assigned problems and tasks.

The community in Morris Village consists of 14 residential cottages. The cottages encircle the amenities located in the center of the village, which give it its “village” feel. The amenities include a barber shop, library and canteen.

Morris Village is a space apart. It is a self-contained community that allows patients an escape from hectic and stressful lives. Rather than making residents feel entrapped, the idyllic setting offers residents a reflective space to learn and overcome their particular afflictions.

Men and women occupy separate residences. 30 beds at Morris Village were recently added to provide a safe space for women. The residences are self-contained cottages with living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens all included.

The very size of Morris Village makes it ideal for physical activity. Paths and walkways stream through the village. Encounters with fluorescently colored butterflies are common.

Residents are encouraged to maintain a daily fitness regimen throughout their stay. Inpatient residents can also avail themselves of the extensive recreational and fitness facilities at Morris Village. Downtime for residents can mean relaxing in one of the many indoor and outdoor common areas around the compound.

Breaking Down Barriers

Morris Village offers its treatments through a variety of modalities. The inpatient program can last for an indeterminate length of time, but most residents stay for a little less than a month. There is a medically supervised detox option for those residents requiring help to overcome withdrawal.

Morris Village performs assessments on all its incoming patients with drug or alcohol problems. The determination is also made at this time whether the patient presents a dual diagnosis disorder.

Morris Village takes patients on a referral basis from hospitals, the court system, as well as from other nearby drug and alcohol abuse centers. All potential entrants must be over 18 years old.

They must also meet certain criteria put forth by professional addiction associations like the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Women and people with co-occurring disorders get diverted into programs that are unique to both their gender and their particular affliction.

The Morris Village approach to addiction treatment is a decidedly evidence and abstinence-based one. Patients attend group meetings emphasizing the 12 Step model. There are addiction education and relapse prevention classes.

Group and family counseling sessions are also part of a person’s recovery journey at Morris Village. Patients also attend classes that study the Big Book of AA and NA in-depth to learn more about how to stay sober.

Continuing Care

Morris Village does not currently offer outpatient services. But since Morris Village is a state-run facility, the Department of Mental Health as well as case managers at Morris Village help you create a recovery plan that addresses life after rehab.

Morris Village strives to provide a therapeutic community where fellow residents can constructively confront each other about their problems. It is a no-nonsense program that stresses your treatment and recovery over your comfort and service amenities.

The staff made up of doctors, addiction counselors, licensed therapists, and nurses help guide residents through the tougher times by encouraging them to find their best selves and not to give up.

All in all, Morris Village is a program that offers peace and seclusion to do the hard work of finding your way out of addiction.

Questions regarding payment for services should be sent to the South Carolina Department of Mental Health Reimbursement Office at (803)-898-8405.

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