Montana Chemical Dependency Center Rehab Review: Inpatient Treatment

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Founded in 2013, Montana Chemical Dependency Center provides inpatient treatment services to men and women struggling with substance abuse.

Montana Chemical Dependency Center: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The treatment is highly individualized with the focus on patients’ needs.

The treatment program at Montana Chemical Dependency Center is based on holistic approach, 12-step philosophy, and other evidence-based practices.

The center offers medically supervised detox to those in need. The withdrawal management unit has the capacity to accommodate 16 clients.

Inpatient treatment consists of group therapy, individual counseling, and 12-step meetings. The facility also provides treatment to residents who suffer from co-occurring disorders. Some of the topics addressed during therapy sessions are relapse prevention, transition planning, and spirituality.

Attending religious services is not mandatory.

Every client has his or her own weekly schedule that includes individual counseling, co-occurring groups, nurse education, talking circle, fitness education, journaling, independent study, skills building, guided imagery. Movie nights are usually arranged on Sundays.

The staff at the Montana Chemical Dependency Center includes medical doctors, treatment technicians, nurses, counselors, therapists, and care managers.

Montana Chemical Dependency Center: Facilities and Extras

The center consists of three facilities—all-men, all-women, and administrative building with a detox unit.

The total capacity of the center is 48 beds.

Clients stay in shared rooms, and they can spend their free time exercising, watching TV, or playing basketball or volleyball. The common area also includes dining rooms and kitchens.

A specialized group session for Native American clients is called talking circle, and it includes discussions about topics specific to this population.

Rules and Regulations in Montana Chemical Dependency Center

The cost of stay at the Montana Chemical Dependency Center is $400 per day.

Some of the items you should not bring to the center include:

  • Tobacco products
  • Electronic cigarettes
  • Cell phones

Caffeine is not allowed in the facility. Patients can make phone calls after the first ten days of the treatment. The mail is opened in front of a staff member.

The average length of treatment is 35 days, but if needed it can be prolonged. Additionally, every client has to be referred by some other health care provider in order to be admitted to the center.


Montana Chemical Dependency Center is co-ed substance abuse treatment facility that provides inpatient and detox services to those in need. The treatment is based on holistic approach and the 12-step program. Also, the center offers family counseling and group meetings for Native American clients.

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