Millwood Hospital Rehab Review – A Great Place for a New Start

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Millwood Hospital is an addiction treatment center, as well as a mental care facility which was founded in the year of 1971. Located in Arlington, Texas, it provides care to children, teenagers, young adults, and the elderly who struggle with chemical dependency and psychiatric afflictions.  The Millwood detox center is actually a network which consists of:

  • A primary detox center in Arlington
  • An Excel Center – Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Arlington with three more locations in the Dallas-Forth Worth area

Millwood Hospital: Treatment Programs and Staff

The Millwood treatment program includes the following:

  1. Detox program (mental and physical) – 7 to 10 days with a constant supervision of seven doctors accompanied by several nurses and therapists.
  2. Inpatient treatment— 3 hours per day, for six weeks, usually in the Excel Center IOP. Treatment is scheduled from Monday to Friday (9.00am-9.30 pm) and consists of:
  • A morning program for mental health clients
  • An afternoon program for substance abuse clients
  • An evening program that combines both the morning and afternoon programs
  1. Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) which involves a team of social and mental health workers, nurses and psychiatrists.

With the help of a professional medical staff, patients are required to choose the appropriate therapy:

  • Individual therapy (solution based)
  • Group therapy (CBT – Cognitive Behavior Therapy based)

Millwood Hospital has an interdisciplinary staff trained to deal with mental disorders and substance abuse. Doctors, nurses, social workers and psychiatrists are part of an intricate network that strengthens the entire healing process.

In addition, specific programs for specialized groups are an option:

  • Christian program: faith-based IOP patients can partake the Bible teaching therapy
  • Seniors program: for older people with substance abuse issues or mental health issues caused by aging
  • Family program: one of the features of the faith-based program
  • Aftercare program

Millwood Hospital: Facilities and Extras

Since Millwood is a hospital, its long hallways and poor lighting should not come as a surprise. All ages and genders are welcome, however, rooms are not gender-neutral—female and male patients are assigned different rooms.

A total of 122 beds is available, two per room with an adjacent bathroom. Meals can be consumed in the hospital cafeteria or in some cases, depending on the patient’s state, in the patient’s room.

Millwood is oriented towards education on various topics which help addicts and their families cope with the problems involved in this matter. Mental health education is a priority, which is why Millwood offers a great amount of useful information on preserving mental health. Financial planning is also a major subject that Millwood is prepared to give advice on. All of the educational programs are organized every month. Additionally, “First Friday Hot Topics” is another monthly event where different and ongoing topics are discussed among patients, family members and mental health professionals.

Rules and Regulations on Millwood Hospital

At Millwood, patients receive a no-charge evaluation by a professional mental health professional. After one is admitted, they have to consider the following payment options:

  • 7-10 days detox, which costs $6,300 – $9,000.
  • 30 days, IOP, which costs $9,000

In some cases, health insurance might cover partial or full expenses, which can be determined by a financial expert at Millwood.


The fact is that Millwood Hospital has an efficient healing system. This treatment center offers the possibility of complete recovery and a fresh start. Its versatile and professional staff is always ready to walk alongside struggling patients and provide compassionate care and encouragement in order to achieve the desired results.

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