Michael’s Place Rehab Review: A Mother’s Fight Against Addiction

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Born from tragedy, Michael’s House has surpassed its humble beginnings as a 24-bed addiction treatment center in Palm Springs to expand to over four different centers around the city that can house over 120 people. Services are unique to each of the four centers. There are two separate residences for men and women, a stabilization unit that provides detoxification and an outpatient building.

Arlene Rosen founded Michael’s House after her young son, Michael Rosen died of a drug overdose at the age of 25. Wanting to spare other families the pain of losing a loved one to drugs and addiction, Arlene started Michael’s House in 1989.

Far from being the knee-jerk reaction of a grieving mother, Arlene Rosen started Michael’s House with the full intention of making it different from other treatment centers like those that had failed to help Michael with his addiction problems.

Michael’s Place: The Start of Something New

After serving the Palm Springs area for more than 15 years, Michael’s House, which started life as a men’s only treatment center, was absorbed by the Foundations Recovery Network out of Nashville in 2006. The merger allowed Michael’s House to expand which was what Arlene Rosen had always hoped would happen.

Along with the physical expansion that was ushered in with the merger, Michael’s House also adopted Foundation’s Integrated Treatment Model of recovery which places as much care and attention on mental health stability as it does to chemical dependency. Michael’s House has since become renowned for its success in treating co-occurring disorders.

The Stabilization Center at Michael’s House offers patients a three-tiered system, which determines how much freedom residents are given based on the recovery goals that they have met. Stabilization emphasizes rest, medically monitored detox and time to reflect on what is most important during your time in recovery: you.

The facility itself features a pool and relaxing lounge areas to ease your way into recovery. There are also tabletop games scattered throughout like ping-pong and Foosball tables to let you blow off some steam.

The time that you spend in the stabilization unit can help you develop goals, along with allowing your body to withdraw from drugs in a safe and tranquil environment. During the detoxification period, you can practice meditation, have regular visits with doctors and attend dialectical behavior therapy sessions.

Michael’s Place: Finding Peace

After detox, patients get transferred to either the men or women’s campus for further treatment. The various facilities throughout Michael’s House campus contain more or less the same recreational amenities. Treatment plans are also quite similar with variations only appearing where there are co-occurring disorders.

Visits with a psychotherapist, dialectical behavioral therapy sessions, and 12 Step facilitation are a part of the clinical plan for both men and women. There are recreational activities that are also available to residents who have moved on to higher levels of their program like five-mile hikes and trips to Joshua Tree National Park. Therapeutic activities include yoga, fitness facilities, and expressive art therapy.

A few of the features that both the men’s and women’s programs share include the Sleep Program that helps residents re-attain regular sleeping habits in recovery, as well as the Recovery Rocks treatment program, which is an expressive art therapy.

Some activities that are unique to the women’s program include the Healing Life Nutrition exercise that promotes smart eating habits but also the patience and care that goes into cooking “slow food.” Women can also make use of body image classes and mindfulness therapies that inculcate newer ways to handle stress and addiction triggers.

The outpatient program at Michael’s House offers almost a full day of treatments. From 8:30 am to 11:30 pm outpatients go through the same kind therapies (like relapse prevention strategies and psycho-educational classes) and in-depth counseling as the inpatient program but with the added caveat of being able to go home at night.

Michael’s Place: A Place in the Sun

Michael’s House was born from tragedy and now has four different centers to treat substance abuse disorders. It offers a relaxing, luxurious environment in keeping with its location in Palm Springs, California that offers evidence-based therapies along with a smattering of holistic and unconventional treatments.

Price for 30 days: $23,500

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