Miami Behavioral Health Center Rehab Review: Continuum of Care

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Miami Behavioral Health Center is mental health and substance abuse recovery facility that has teamed up with Spectrum Program back in 2003 in order to provide a continuum of care for struggling addicts. The center offers their services regardless of gender and age.

Inpatient area can accommodate up to 47 patients, while the teen facility has the capacity to receive 20 adolescents. Rooms are shared by two individuals. Common space includes TV area, dining room, offices, and therapy rooms. Three meals a day are served cafeteria-style.

Miami Behavioral Health Center: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

In Miami Behavioral Health Center addiction is considered a chronic disease with a possibility of relapse and it is treated as such.

The first step in the rehabilitation process in Miami Behavioral Health Center is an assessment. The primary purpose of the initial evaluation is to help team members create a highly individualized treatment plan.

Detox is the next phase in the recovery process. The center provides medical supervision during this stage so the client can stabilize and recover from the withdrawal symptoms.

Inpatient program includes individual counseling, group therapy, medication management if needed, 12-step meetings, and the treatment of co-occurring disorders. Group counseling covers relapse prevention, mental health, trauma processing, building new coping and communication skills. Clients have to attend group meetings on a daily basis. Individual counseling is based on a cognitive-behavioral approach which the main purpose is to change maladaptive patterns of behavior and to help the client figure out why addiction even occurred. Additionally, lectures about addiction are held weekly. The length of the treatment varies from one to three months. Near the end of the rehabilitation process, patients are being thought how to write resumes, seek for employment, and get back to their normal everyday life.

Outpatient program and intensive outpatient program are designed for clients who can not leave their homes and work. Within the intensive outpatient program therapy sessions are scheduled three times per week, while outpatient program includes one therapy session a week. Each meeting is three hours long. The length of this program depends on individual needs.

The staff of Miami Behavioral Health Center includes physicians, nurses, therapists, and counselors.

Facilities and Extras

Family program in the Miami Behavioral Health Center includes therapy sessions every Saturday with a counselor.

Occasionally, the staff organizes recreational activities, movie nights, sports events, or bowling.

Rules and Regulations

Patients are separated by gender and age groups. Adolescent patients occupy 20 of the 47 available beds in the housing facility. The rooms are shared between 2 patients and there is no option of having a private room.


Miami Behavioral Health Center provides comprehensive care for individuals with mental health problems and substance abuse issues. Regarding addiction, the center offers detox services, inpatient program, outpatient, and intensive outpatient program. Therapy sessions are based on cognitive behavioral approach, but AA and NA meetings are also available.

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