The Meadows Rehab Review: Where You Can Truly Get to Know Yourself

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The Meadows Review

The Meadows treatment center is one of the greatest U.S. rehab clinics which provides love and care to all who enter. This institution is settled in the town of Wickenburg, AZ, surrounded by the Sonoran Desert.  It offers a wide range of inpatient treatment options specifically tailored to the residents’ individual needs and requirements. The Meadows strives towards improvement and innovation by looking for new ways to help those in need. Although Meadows’ philosophy may not be appealing to many, anyone taking part in its holistic treatment can be sure to receive the highest quality of services under the guidance of proper medical experts.

The Meadows: Treatment and Staff

The treatment methods at the Meadows are quite extraordinary. The tough approach towards residents differs a lot from regular rehab clinics. Residents who choose to enter this treatment center come with severe problems and require a serious approach. Furthermore, every potential resident should be well informed of the methods this treatment center conducts, for no-one should undergo any type of approach that is not conducive to their process of recuperation.

The treatment options at Meadows are various, and the residents can choose from the following:

  • Survivors (“inner child”) – full week treatment for those who struggle childhood issues (residents mix with clients who came just for five days). This treatment is not widely accepted among potential residents, although it has proven to be very efficient, because it involves unusual approaches – carrying around a teddy bear, striking stuffed animals and chairs with a Nerf bat, etc.
  • Addiction treatment in all forms
  • On-site detox and ample aftercare
  • Altered traditional 12-step program – the emphasis is placed on self-empowerment
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • PTSD treatment
  • Eating disorders treatment

Since there are a lot of different treatment options, every resident should carefully decide which one suits best their individual state and requirements.

Besides doctors, licensed psychiatrists, different counselors, nurses and trained support staff, the Meadows has a few all-star staff members and leading experts in certain areas – Dr. Pia Mellody, Peter Levine, John Bradshaw to name just a few. This group of people who steer the healing process and lead to success is one of the aspects which makes the Meadows a different an extraordinary facility.

The Meadows: Accommodations and Extras

At Meadows, they like to keep it simple, i.e. luxury is not a priority. The rooms are designed in a humble and plain way, and each resident is required to have a roommate. Every room comes with a daily maid service and air conditioning.

Besides curing psychological and psychical problems of its residents, Meadows also tries to positively affect different aspects of the patients’ lives. Food and meals are a good way to accomplish that, which is why residents are given the opportunity to learn about the importance of well-balanced and regular meals.

Although life is not easy at the Meadows treatment center, all is not like the desert that surrounds it. The facility offers the following options that make up a holistic treatment:

  • Gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Yoga
  • Expressive therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Thai Chi
  • Acupuncture
  • Family Week – residents are encouraged to honestly talk with their family members

The Meadows: Rules and Regulations

The Meadows treatment center has strict regulations every resident must respect. There is a strict dress code which prohibits tank tops and shorts due to the state of potential sex addicts who are undergoing the recovery process.

Another specific regulation of the Meadows policy is the prohibition of outside contact. Extreme isolation is required, in order to avoid triggers for relapse. Exceptions are made only during Family Week.

A 30 days treatment at The Meadows costs $37,710, which might be partially or fully covered by your health insurance.


The ones who choose the Meadows for their healing process must be aware of its specific life conditions and treatments. The combination of new-age methods and moderated 12-step programs has proven to be very successful.

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