Marworth Rehab Review: a Holistic Approach in Addiction Treatment

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Marworth addiction treatment center is one of the highest rated treatment facilities in the northeast. The facility is an addiction treatment center founded in 1982 that nurtures the evidence-based approach to addiction treatment.

The total capacity of Marworth is 91 clients, who all stay in rooms with two beds.

The mansion is renovated so that the clients can enjoy a new dining area and fitness center.

Also, diet habits of every patient are respected. There is a meal option for vegans, vegetarians, and meat lovers. The staff keeps in mind the nutrition needs of clients with eating disorders as well.

Marworth: Treatment Programs and Staff

Treatment plans in Marworth are individualized according to client’s needs. They are based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and evidence–based approach. 12–step meetings, while provided, are conducted off site. Also, special therapy sessions are provided to clients who have PTSD and relationship problems.

A medical doctor is available, and Marworth offers a detox service along with acupuncture.

After inpatient part of the treatment, patients can continue their rehab process as part of outpatient program.

Marworth: Facilities and Extras

Marworth residents have the opportunity to enjoy a basketball court, art therapy, team and trust building sessions, low ropes course, and much more.

Rules and Regulations at Marworth

During therapy sessions, men and women are separate. Also, there is a strict dress code even for recreational activities. Sports apparel has to be knee length, and spandex is not allowed.

Computers and cell phones are forbidden unless a client earns that privilege. An interesting fact is that smoking is allowed.

The cost of a 30–day stay in Marworth treatment center is $28,000. Most insurance companies partly cover the costs of the treatment.


The Marworth is not a luxurious rehab center, but it offers its clients a holistic approach to addiction treatment. Along with group and individual therapy sessions, clients can enjoy playing basketball, walking in the park, or exercising.

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