Manatee Glens Hospital Rehab Review: Demanding and Rewarding

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Located in Bradenton, Florida, Manatee Glens provides intensive treatment for men and women struggling with substance abuse. The facility offers a safe and structured environment for patients who are also dealing with co-occurring conditions.

Manatee Glens Hospital: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Manatee Glens Hospital provides medically supervised detox to those in need. The staff administers medications if necessary to ease the unpleasant and potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms. The detox phase usually lasts 3 to 5 days, and costs extra $2000.

Individual therapy sessions with a psychiatrist are organized every day. One-on-one counseling with a therapist is conducted every week, while group therapy sessions are held daily in the total duration of several hours. The center also conducts family therapy where the family members learn to understand the nature of addiction, and work towards creating a support system for their loved one once the rehabilitation process is completed.

Some of the subjects of group therapy sessions include:

For clients who do not require such a structured environment, there is a wide range of outpatient services. The frequency of therapy sessions varies from one to several weekly meetings depending on individual’s needs.

Facilities and Extra

Patients are placed in a locked unit that has the capacity to accommodate 20 residents. Bedrooms are shared by two clients. Rooms for lectures and therapy sessions are located down the hall.

Meals are prepared in the hospital and served in the cafeteria. The center also accommodates to special dietary requests if required.

There is no gym on-site, but clients can use a small weight room.

The cost of a 30-day stay at the hospital is $10,500.

Rules and Regulations

Patients cannot leave the facility during their stay. Short walks down the courtyard are allowed under supervision.

Smoking is strictly forbidden.


Manatee Glens Hospital provides a safe and structured environment with strict rules for men and women struggling with substance abuse issues and co-occurring disorders. The center provides medically supervised detox, inpatient program, and various outpatient services. The unique aspect of this treatment lies in the fact that clients spend limited amount of time in fresh air because the unit is continuously locked!

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