Malvern Institute Rehab Review: The First Private Rehab in the US

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The Malvern Institute’s various rehab clinics form a crown that sits atop the city of Philadelphia. Currently, the Malvern Institute boasts two inpatient clinics and five different outpatient clinics, all of which offer premier addiction and mental health treatment to men and women.

This vast network is a far cry from the Malvern Institute’s humble beginnings. Malvern traces its origins back to the founding of the first AA chapter in the city of Philadelphia in 1946. And then, being the first private alcohol abuse treatment center in the United States.

A Wide Breadth

Dr. C. Dudley Saul founded the Malvern Institute (first called the C. Dudley Saul Clinic) after being inspired by the 12-Step approach advocated by Alcoholics Anonymous. After moving the clinic from inner-city Philadelphia to the suburb of Malvern, Dr. Saul soon started applying the 12-Step philosophy to substance abuse.

The headquarters of the Malvern Institute at Malvern, Pennsylvania house the Institute’s first inpatient residential program. A second inpatient program opened in the late 1980s in Willow Grove, a location as steeped in as much history as the Malvern Institute itself.

Throughout the years, several outpatient clinics have opened across Pennsylvania. The Malvern Institute, given its years of experience, offers detox facilities at both of its residential location.

The inpatient programs at either of the Malvern Institute’s two locations follow the Malvern Model of treatment, which prescribes a 90-day treatment stay. This amount of time is key to the treatment model, given that staff at all Malvern locations go to great lengths to educate addiction sufferers about their afflictions.

The Malvern Model

Detox at Malvern offers almost 82 hours of continuous care for the duration of the withdrawal period, which lasts for a maximum of eight days. Although Malvern’s beginnings involved the beatification of the 12-Step model, it was, after all, a doctor who founded it, this means that medications like Suboxone can be given to patients should they require it during this trying time.

At either of the two inpatient residences, patients receive personalized care based on assessments made by intake staff. Willow Grove has a total of almost 80 beds, separated between detox and inpatient residents. The Malvern location has fewer beds but not by a lot, closer to 70 beds, again, divided between detox patients and inpatient residents.

Days begin at 7:30 in the morning and end with downtime and self-reflection with lights out at 11:00 pm sharp. Inpatient residents get their own staff psychiatrist who they meet with three times a week.

There is extensive group work, with three different modules that cover topics like relapse prevention, 12-Step education, and addiction education. Treatment days follow a structured path built around group work and meetings. Family meetings and workshops also get put into the fold of treatment plans, with families being able to visit at least twice during the inpatient stay.

Opening a New Front

While the Malvern Institute has confined its inpatient residential centers to Pennsylvania, its patient facilities have crossed state lines and gone into New Jersey. Four outpatient clinics serve mostly rural areas in Pennsylvania, which is an accomplishment in itself given that most outpatient clinics serve more urban centers.

Malvern’s outpatient treatment centers offer both partial hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient formats. Many of the same treatment modalities offered at Malvern’s inpatient programs can also be found in their outpatient clinics.

Options include relapse prevention classes, the teaching of coping skills and strategies, dual diagnosis treatments and finally, mindfulness and meditation practices.

The Malvern Institute continues to be a leader in the field of addiction and mental health services. They recently started a Women’s Empowerment treatment track which is more sensitive to the gender-specific needs of women in treatment. It serves only female patients attended to by a female-only staff.

In addition to the women’s only program, Malvern has also gone beyond their walls to begin their treatment of patients even before they enroll in Malvern’s program. Malvern holds intervention training classes for loved ones on how best to get their family members into treatment.

The Malvern Institute upholds the traditions of its founder on a daily basis by offering a wide spectrum of addiction and mental health treatments across two states. It is the ideal program for anyone who wants to receive tried and true best practices to treat their condition.

Price for a minimum 30 day stay at the Malvern Institute: $15,000

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