Long Island Center for Recovery Rehab Review: Jack Hamilton’s Heritage

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Long Island Center for Recovery is an addiction treatment facility founded in 1995 by Jack Hamilton who was the first who presented the idea of Narcotics Anonymous meetings in New York. The mission of the center is to provide care and to help clients to regain their health, emotional, and spiritual well-being through evidence-based modalities, traditional 12-step approach, and holistic therapy. The facility is located in Hampton Bay and provides detox and residential services for those in need.

The center provides a temporary home for 50 men and women who are placed in separate wings of the building. The rooms are semi-private while clients share bathrooms. Common area includes couches, chair, and TV. Additionally, there are benches, fish pond, and water features on-site along with meditation area.

Meals are being prepared on the campus.

Long Island Center for Recovery: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The first step toward recovery is detox. This phase usually lasts from 3 to 7 days, and it is conducted in three stages: evaluation, stabilization, and preparation for the treatment. If needed, medications can be provided in order to relieve withdrawal symptoms.

Drug rehab services address medical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of addiction. Treatment modalities include individual, group, and family therapy.

Alcohol rehab in Long Island Center for Recovery includes medical detox, inpatient, and outpatient treatment.

Prescription drug rehab is designed for individuals struggling with a depressant, stimulant, and opioid addiction. If one is addicted to those drugs, going cold turkey can be life-threatening. Therefore, in most cases, supervised detox is necessary.

Inpatient treatment in Long Island Center for Recovery lasts 30 days on average. The facility provides psychotherapy, individual counseling, group therapy, holistic treatment, and educational sessions. The staff creates customized treatment plan according to what every client needs. Patients can also participate in numerous recreational activities as well as supervised outings.

Outpatient treatment is designed for clients with mild addiction symptoms. It includes therapy modalities similar to the inpatient program.

DWI groups address the issue of driving while intoxicated and potential consequences of that behavior. The program consists of 21 therapy sessions and homework assignments.

Treatment Modalities in Long Island Center for Recovery

Long Island Center for Recovery provides diverse therapy options for its clients. Some of them are:

  •         Individual therapy, which is focused on discovering why addiction even occurred. The client needs to identify maladaptive patterns of behavior and drug use triggers. The average session lasts 45 minutes.
  •         Group therapy, which provides a safe environment for the group of addicts. The priority of this type of therapy is to create a setting where patients can relate to other people’s problems and become motivated to fight with their own substance use issues.
  •        Trauma resolution therapy, which addresses the issue of the past traumatic event that could be the core of the addiction issues.
  •         Family therapy, which is designed to help build a strong support system for the family member affected by addiction. Also, it provides other family members with necessary information regarding addiction.
  •        Relapse prevention therapy, which is based on cognitive-behavioral approach. It emphasizes the importance of self-control. It also addresses the issue of identifying drug use triggers.
  •         The primary focus od women’s group are relationship issues, parenting, dual-diagnosis, and trauma processing.
  •         First responders/military group, which offers specialized treatment for first responders, soldiers, law enforcement officers, veterans, firefighters, and other related professions. This treatment modality includes dealing with PTSD, dual-diagnosis services, loss healing, anger and stress management, suicide prevention, family therapy, and much more.
  •         12-step meetings, that are available for clients who are participating in the inpatient or outpatient program, as well as for the individuals from the local community.
  •         Nutritional counseling, which is designed to educate a patient how to prevent nutrient deficiencies, and help them make healthy dietary choices.
  •         Recreational counseling, that helps clients set their recreational goals and provides them with tools how to achieve them.
  •         Yoga practice and meditation, that are helpful for relaxation, regaining the control over the thoughts and emotions, and promotes general well-being.

Facilities and Extras

Residents of the Long Island Center for Recovery can enjoy garden and basketball court. Patients are allowed to go hiking, attend sports games in the local community, and team building classes.

Rules and Regulations in Long Island Center for Recovery

The cost of detox services in the Long Island Center for Recovery is $3,750, while 28-day stay costs $11,200.


Long Island Center for Recovery provides comprehensive care for men and women dealing with addiction. The facility offers detox, inpatient, and outpatient services. The therapy is based on cognitive-behavioral approach as well as on 12-step philosophy. Additionally, patients can participate in yoga and meditation classes as a part of holistic treatment.

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