Living Rebos Rehab Review: A Program That Stays By Your Side

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Living Rebos Review

Living Rebos founder, Ross Remien, struggled with a cocaine addiction for almost seventeen years. Cocaine dominated his life, becoming his only reason to live.

Not finding a rehab program that fit his needs when he became sober, Mr. Remien started Living Rebos. He created Living Rebos in the mold of the program that he would have liked to have available to him when he was trying to get sober.

Finding the Courage

Rather than creating a traditional dual dynamic of inpatient and outpatient programs, Living Rebos offers therapies in an outpatient format at its central Redondo Beach location. Outpatient treatments coupled with two separate sober living facilities in Mar Vista and Santa Monica, respectively, make up the treatment scheme at Living Rebos.

Living Rebos caters to that particular individual who requires treatment, but, for whatever reason, cannot completely commit to a lengthy, disruptive inpatient stay. With that said, however, clients staying at the Living Rebos houses’ must either work, go to school or participate in some kind of volunteer work.

Clients entering either one of the Living Rebos sober living houses can expect to be waited on, hand and foot. The Santa Monica house is composed of three separate bungalows, one of the bungalows being a private residence of its own.

Every client luxuriates in their own private room, although some residents share rooms. A live-in chef prepares all meals. There is laundry service and transportation to any and all treatment meetings or even to personal errands.

Working Toward Recovery

Despite the well-to-do trappings of Living Rebos, founder Ross Remien designed the outpatient program to be a more cost-effective form of treatment than typical inpatient programs. Clients entering the outpatient program receive assessments from Rebos staff, who draw experience from various fields.

In fact, one of the differentiating features of the Living Rebos program is that you decide which kind of therapies and staff members with whom you can spend your time. One track of treatment involves six sessions of individual sessions a week; the more intensive track involves eight sessions a week.

Sessions can include meetings with your choice of chemical dependency counselors, spiritual guides, psychotherapists and biofeedback analysts. Clients can also attend various process groups, in addition to their individual sessions.

Clients receiving treatment for substance abuse or process addictions attend cognitive behavioral therapy sessions, as well as process groups to receive addiction education lectures and learn relapse preventions techniques.


Holistic treatments can include adventure therapies like horseback riding and kayaking, which push clients to their physical and mental limits and let them enjoy life again with relying on substances. Clients living at Living Rebos homes must also attend at a minimum five hours of therapy, which can include individual therapy, as well as regular attendance at 12-Step meetings.

Living Rebos is a program definitely geared more to the upwardly mobile than to anyone else. Founder Ross Remien explicitly mentioned that he created a program that he would have liked to have available for him.

And judging from the final product, he wanted a program that allowed individuals to maintain their work or family obligations but, at the same time, freed them from the responsibilities of daily living to absorb the vital lessons of treatment and recovery better.

Price for 30 days at Living Rebos: $15,000

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