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The Livengrin Foundation provides a full continuum of care in a comfortable environment no matter where the individual is in the recovery process. Livengrin was established in 1966 on 46-acres as a community for people to “live and grin”—it is one of the first non-hospital treatment facilities in Pennsylvania for alcoholism.

Numerous treatment programs for all genders and their families, who suffer from addiction, are available at Livengrin. The foundation continues to grow, Pennsylvania counseling centers are throughout Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Lehigh, and Philadelphia Counties.

Livengrin Foundation Treatment, Programs, and Staff

Drug and Alcohol Detox

For many people, the first step in recovery from addiction may be a detoxification period, in which the symptoms of withdrawal are medically supervised and lessened over a period of days. Detox at Livengrin is managed in a different unit and is supervised by experienced licensed nurses and physicians trained in addiction medicine.

Breaking a dependency to a substance does not happen within a few days of detox—this is the beginning that guides to other levels of care, such as rehabilitation.

A patient can feel badly during the detox process. In almost all cases, discomfort is managed with pharmaceuticals that lessen, if not eradicate, the discomfort. With the help therapists, detox patients in Livengrin are shown new ideas and coping tools to help them manage this critical transition that purifies the body.

Residential Rehabilitation

A temporary disconnection from family, job, and daily life promotes recovery—Livengrin achieves this with a residential stay for up to four weeks at their peaceful campus.

A patient’s day is programmed with a mixture of structured sessions and personal reflection time. A community is brought together with lectures and small therapy groups, where everyone can share or listen to experiences and know they are not alone. Focus groups are aimed at addressing common problems and obstacles such as grief and loss, trauma, and many others.

Outpatient Services

Outpatient services are available at Livengrin. Many individuals need initial or ongoing treatment for chemical dependency, but inpatient services may not be suitable for them. Additionally, some individuals may be progressing to the next step after an inpatient rehabilitation program.

Co-Occurring Disorders

Individuals challenged by addiction and a co-occurring psychiatric disorder, also known as dual diagnosis, can have their needs addressed at Livengrin. The dual-diagnosis program combines the addiction-treatment process with the appropriate therapeutic approaches for mental health.

What Specialty Programs Are Available for Health-Care Professionals?

Livengrin has created specialty programs to respond to the rising needs of people in the health industry, such as the health-care professionals’ track that supports nurses and licensed practitioners. Livengrin’s also addresses addiction prevention and outreach for first responders. Livengrin hosts scores of professionals and postgraduate students who come to learn and obtain real-life experience.

How Livengrin Helps Combat Dependency on the Job?

Substance abuse that affects the home often affects the workplace as well. Livengrin recognizes this; therefore, they specialize in helping companies take action to assist employees and also minimize risks to their business. Tackling employees’ personal issues can be daunting, especially for businesses without a human-resources manager. Livengrin can help deal with existing problems and aid in preventing others.

Livengrin Clinicians

The clinical staff of Livengrin offers a highly specialized and streamlined approach to helping patients through a continuum of care. They are a group of dedicated specialists committed to supporting recovery.

All activities at Livengrin are facilitated by a multidisciplinary team of mental health professionals including LCSWs, CADCs, MFTs, and LPCs. The staff uses a range of therapeutic techniques, including 12-step principles, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Other specialized therapies include Relapse Prevention Groups and Early Skills Recovery Groups.

Facilities and Extras

With individual and group counseling, life-skills training, 12-step meetings, and a balanced nutrition plan, a person learns a lot about making healthier decisions.

Rehab patients use the Hansell Hall as a general meeting room and as a central intersection of patient activity. The Hansell Hall is also used for reading, personal journal work, meditation, video presentations, and social time. Community meetings and lectures take place in the Shanahan Hall.

The campus includes recreational areas, laundry facilities, and a patient store. The dining room has a choice of food options for three meals a day and is supervised by certified nutritionists.

Rules and Regulations in Livengrin Foundation

One-On-One Meeting

A trained assessment counselor determines the proper treatment—treatment plans for each client may include a full-time residential stay or some other plan for treatment at one of Livengrin’s outpatient centers.

History and Physical

Each patient has a history and physical completed by the admissions staff—if the initial admission is into the detox unit, the patient meets with a trained counselor to determine the most appropriate level of care.

Financial Guidance

The insurance company is contacted to obtain authorization for admission. If there is no insurance, a financial counselor explores options with the patient and family.

Livengrin Foundation Review Summary and Main Complaints

The Livengrin Foundation has a history of successful alcohol and drug abuse treatment programs and experienced staff to help patients begin the recovery process. With multiple outpatient tracks, patients undergo treatment that is suited for their level of need. Specialized groups and family programs offer patients a continuum of care to ensure their dedication to rehabilitation.

Based on online reviews multiple people are concerned with the professionalism of the staff and the safety of the treatment received. However, overall, the Livengrin Foundation has an above average review rating. One user on Facebook stated, “So I and some others owe livengrin a debt of gratitude for allowing this group to meet for so many years.”

Livengrin Foundation In the News

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