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Overview of Wings of Freedom

Wings of Freedom is a sober living program for adults that is based on a faith-based approach. The mission at Wings of Freedom is to help clients embrace a new model of life which is based on the strength of the Spirit. Clients are offered a Celebrate Recovery program which is a Christ-centered program that involves 12-step meetings and a proven spiritual guide to recovery. Clients are empowered to remove their dependence on the weakness of flesh and strengthen their beliefs and spirits to achieve sobriety. In the Sober Living program, clients are required to attend Church-based church services and participate in weekly 12-step programming. Clients are also required to participate in support groups that are carried out every Friday. During their stay at the facility, clients are also provided with vocational assistance which will help them secure a job once they leave the facility. These include resume writing skills, interviewing skills training, and job leads of employers. The staff at the center provides 24/7 guidance and counseling to clients to help them in their journey of recovery. The center also has a Wings Angel Tree program that collects donations and raises funds which are used to provide Christmas gifts for children of patients undergoing treatment at Wings of Freedom.

Housing and Food

Wings of Freedom is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It can accommodate 170 adult individuals at one time. The campus is comprised of four complexes each with apartments. There are a total of 107 apartments each consisting of one or two bedrooms reserved for men, women, and families. Each apartment is semi-furnished containing basic amenities for clients such as beds, side tables, and couches. Most of the apartments also contain a TV which clients and families watch in free times. Clients are also allowed to bring any furniture or decor items to the apartments to make their stay comfortable. This enables clients to truly feel at home at the campus. Each apartment has a fully-functional and well-equipped kitchen where residents cook food for themselves. Each apartment also has a dining room where residents eat their meals three times a day. The center provides clients with some food items and products. Clients can do their own shopping and prepare meals using ingredients they bought themselves. When the first phase of the treatment commences, clients are given the option to continue to live with roommates in the apartment or live independently by renting a separate apartment. Clients have to pay an additional cost of $100 per month to live independently.

Treatment Options at Wings of Freedom

The different treatment options available at Wings of Freedom are:

  • Sober Living Program
  • Wings Angel Tree
  • Celebrate Recovery

The following substances’ abuse is treated at Wings of Freedom:

  • Alcohol
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Prescription Drugs

Therapies at Wings of Freedom

Wings of Freedom offers the following therapies to its clients:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Church Education
  • 12-steps Programming
  • Life Skills
  • Support Groups

Payment Options

The Wings of Freedom offers sober living facilities to adult men, women, and families struggling with the negative impacts of addiction and substance abuse issues. The center offers good-quality living facilities and amenities to clients during treatment. The center offers a sliding scale cost to clients and families depending on their ability to pay. The approximate cost of treatment is $335 for 30 days duration. After completion of the initial phase of treatment, clients may opt for independent living for which the cost becomes $435 per month. The center collects funds and donations to pay the treatment costs of indigent and needy clients and families.

Licenses and Accreditations

Wings of Freedom has the following accreditations and licenses:
Licensed by the State of Oklahoma

Wings of Freedom Advantages

Wings of Freedom offers a faith-based approach of healing and treatment to individuals and families for substance abuse and addiction. The treatment mainly includes the Sober Living Program where clients are offered community living opportunities and amenities. Wings of Freedom philosophy is to help clients reclaim their lives with the help and guidance from the teachings of the Bible and Jesus Christ. Clients attend regular Church services and 12-step meetings which help them heal mentally, physically, and spiritually. The clients’ minds, bodies, and spirits are healed through the holistic and spiritual treatment. They are empowered to become emotionally strong and discover their inner strength. Through regular counseling sessions and support groups, clients are able to become productive individuals. The center also provides vocational training to clients along with life skills training which helps them secure a safe job and housing after they leave the facility.

Staff at Wings of Freedom

Wings of Freedom provides high-quality treatment services and a Sober Living program to clients through a Christ-centered approach. Clients which include men, women, and families are able to live together in a community-based setting provided by the center at affordable rates. The staff at the center provides counseling and guidance to clients to help them get back on their feet and become productive individuals of society. The staff includes counselors, licensed counselors, social workers, and licensed social workers who guide clients through the difficult phase of their lives and help them have a fulfilling life. Christ-based services and worship services are led by pastors. The center’s staff is also comprised of teachers and trainers who provide educational lectures and training to clients to help them in their life after leaving the facility. The center also has a support staff that provides assistance to clients.

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