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St. Monica’s Overview

St. Monica’s has been founded in 1964 in Lincoln, Nebraska and since then serves as one of the best rehabilitation centers offering help to financially struggling women. The facility specializes in helping patients struggling from substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues. St. Monica’s offers residential – short-term and long-term treatment programs and an intensive outpatient program as well. As a part of the programs, individual and group therapy sessions are in order.
There are special family therapy sessions that the patients along with their family members can participate in to better understand the addiction problems and the course of the treatment so that they can be more helpful and supportive in the process. One of the many good things about St. Monica’s is the fact that a special aftercare program is included in the price as well. As a part of the aftercare program, patients are free to participate in both individual and group therapy sessions. One of the downsides at St. Monica’s is the fact that there is no on-site detoxification. However, upon their arrival, the patients are given recommendations about places where they can complete the detoxification process.

St. Monica’s Housing

There are two buildings as a part of the facility in which the patients are accommodated. The bedrooms and bathrooms are usually shared between two to three roommates at a time. Each bedroom is furnished with twin beds, a separate desk, and a separate wardrobe. No internet or TV is available at St. Monica’s. The patients are forbidden to use their cell phones as well.
The patients are required to attend classes with a professional nutritionist who teaches them about healthy food habits which they can later use while they prepare their meals. They are given food coupons which they give to the staff, and in return, they are given the required groceries. The patients are required to prepare three meals a day, following a weekly menu that they create. No smoking is permitted inside or outside the facility. Smokers are given nicotine patches as an exchange for cigarettes.

St. Monica’s Treatment Options

At St. Monica’s, you will find the following treatment options:

  • Residential treatment program – At St. Monica’s, the most popular treatment program is, of course, the residential, or inpatient, treatment program. As a part of the program, patients are required to live on the grounds of the facility until they have successfully completed their treatment program. The patients are required to take part in individual and group therapy sessions. The individual therapy sessions are scheduled once a week, while the group therapy sessions take place each day, at least once during the day. There is both short and long-term residential treatment program that the patients can choose to participate in.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – The intensive outpatient treatment program requires the patients to live in the facility during their treatment. However, they are free to leave the facility to visit their friends and family members and even attend work and school. The intensive outpatient treatment program includes ten hours of individual and group therapy sessions on a weekly basis. The intensive outpatient program lasts for six weeks.
  • Project Mother-Child – The project Mother-Child is a specially designed project for expecting and parenting mothers. In order to participate in this project, the patient has to be sober for 30 days and has finished the primary treatment program – residential or IOP successfully. As a part of the treatment program, the patients attend individual and group therapy sessions, birth classes, and discuss possible birth plans. Using the support of the staff, the patients also reach out to their family members with who they might have created problems as a result of their addiction issues.
    Aftercare program – For all of the patients who have successfully finished their treatment program, they are free to join the aftercare program in the year that follows and engage in individual and group therapy sessions. The aftercare program is included in the price for the treatment program.

St. Monica’s Therapies Provided

Therapeutic services that the patient is given access to at St. Monica’s include:

  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Family therapy sessions
  • Relapse prevention therapy

St. Monica’s Payment Options

Unfortunately, there is no information available about the payment options and which insurance plans are accepted at St. Monica’s. For more information, please contact the official staff via email or phone.

St. Monica’s Licenses

Unfortunately, there is no information available about the accreditations and licenses that the staff at St. Monica’s and the facility itself enjoys in. For more information, please contact the official staff via email or phone.

St. Monica’s Amenities

The staff at St. Monica’s encourage their patients to create a healthy habit of daily exercising so that they would gain the beneficial effects on their physical and mental health. Patients can participate in yoga and meditation classes as well as fitness classes with a professional coach. Taking daily walks outside, breathing in some fresh air is also encouraged to take part in.

St. Monica’s Staff

The professional team at St. Monica’s consists of a clinical manager, residential coordination, nurses, physicians, licensed counselors, and experienced psychiatrists. In addition, there are experienced therapeutic monitors who are living close to the facility, and as a part of their job, they are available to the patients 24/7 at all times, controlling the premises and keeping order around the facility.

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