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Woodland, California

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Fourth And Hope: Walter’s House Overview

Fourth And Hope is an organization that has been serving patients in Yolo County for more than three decades. The facility first started out as a simple soup kitchen, offering food to homeless individuals in the area. Today, however, the company has grown into a full-service center that does not only offer a soup kitchen and accommodation for the homeless but also assists in the treatment of addictions through a residential treatment program, known as the Fourth And Hope: Walter’s Home.
In addition to their residential treatment unit, Fourth And Hope also own and operates a number of other facilities in the area, where homeless individuals can come for help – they will be provided accommodation and education, and ultimately be assisted throughout the process of establishing a career for themselves.

Fourth And Hope: Walter’s House Housing

Patients who are in need of residential care in order to ensure they can recover from their substance abuse disorders will be provided accommodation at the Fourth And Hope: Walter’s House facility. The facility is able to provide accommodation for up to 44 patients at a time. Rooms are all gender-specific. Male and female patients are never provided accommodation in the same room. Rooms have basic features, and patients are provided access to appropriate linen to make their stay at the facility more pleasant and comfortable.

Fourth And Hope: Walter’s House Treatment Options

The programs offered at Fourth And Hope: Walter’s House are all based on residential care settings. Patients often stay for only one month, but there are some cases where the patient may stay in residential care for as long as 90 days in total. Detoxification is not provided to patients, but referrals and information regarding detoxification can be provided to the patient if needed.
Even though no individualized therapeutic solutions are utilized, patients who come to Fourth And Hope: Walter’s House are offered access to a range of treatment options:

  • Counseling sessions in a group setting
  • Anger management programs
  • Distorted thinking programs
  • Spirituality programs
  • Relapse prevention services
  • 12-step recovery meetings

Fourth And Hope: Walter’s House Therapies Provided

No individual one-on-one sessions are offered to patients who come to Fourth And Hope: Walter’s House for the treatment of their addictions. Instead, the facility rather focuses on group therapy, AA/NA meetings, and 12-step meetings.

Fourth And Hope: Walter’s House Payment Options

There is a fee required to undergo treatment at the Fourth And Hope: Walter’s House. The standard rate for access to 30 days of residential treatment is $2,250, but no details are provided in terms of whether or not insurance policies are accepted at the facility, but patients may contact the center directly to inquire about insurance and whether financial arrangements can be made if they do not have the finances to pay upfront for the services they might need during recovery.

Fourth And Hope: Walter’s House Accreditations

The website that represents the Fourth And Hope center does not have any details in terms of the credentials held by the facility. We were unable to determine if Walter’s Home residential treatment center owned by this organization has been accredited by National bodies like the Joint Commission or by CARF. There are also no details about licenses that have been provided to the Fourth And Hope: Walter’s House treatment facility by local state authorities in the California region. Patients are advised to contact the facility directly for details about any credentials that they might have.

Fourth And Hope: Walter’s House Amenities

Since Fourth And Hope: Walter’s House aims to be affordable and to ensure patients in need can get access to the care they need to recover, there are not a lot of amenities that patients are provided access to when they decide to undergo residential treatment at this facility. Basic facilities include access to a cupboard, where the patient can store their clothes. Patients are required to prepare their own meals. They usually have meals as a group, however.
There are also times when patients are allowed to grill on the outside of the building. Patients may also participate in aftercare programs after they have completed the residential program at the Fourth And Hope: Walter’s House facility, where they may still be provided with access to meals.

Fourth And Hope: Walter’s House Staff

The official website that represents the Fourth And Hope: Walter’s House facility is quite limited in terms of providing details regarding the treatment staff that is involved at the facility. For many patients who are interested in being admitted to the facility in order to undergo treatment for their addictions, this might be inconvenient. Patients often find that they would like to know about the qualifications that are held by staff members at a rehabilitation center before they commit to healing at a particular facility.
There is limited information provided on the company’s website in terms of the staff members that are responsible for overseeing the operations that are conducted within the facility. No details are provided in terms of the treatment staff that offer their services to the patients who are being treated at the Fourth And Hope: Walter’s House rehabilitation center.

  • Dough Zeck, Jr. – Executive Director
  • Randy Tryon – Treatment Services Director
  • Amara Pickens – Compliance Services Director
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