Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System Rehab Review: Help for All

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The Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System is a small-town rehab that provides myriad of services to its clients. The Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System offers 140-beds at its location in Radcliff, Kentucky.

Lincoln Trail serves children as young as five years old, who have suffered through abusive and traumatic situations all the way to elderly patients suffering from issues of advanced age like mood disorders and dementia.

A Community of Open Arms

The Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System opened in 1986. Given the breadth of services it provides to a large community of people, the facility features ample therapeutic, recreational and leisure spaces.

Lincoln Trail, first and foremost, is a psychiatric hospital. Its psychiatric services run from treatment for adolescents to elderly patients. Most all of Lincoln Trail’s services are offered in the short-term, except its Willows program. Chemical dependency and patient stabilization treatments come in inpatient and outpatient formats.  

Lincoln Trail sits in the middle of various important transit points, making it a central hub for patients from Indiana and Tennessee. The building itself is surrounded by recently planted cherry trees and offers a quiet, and tranquil setting.

Patients get divided by age, gender, and condition to different parts of the facility. Children enrolled in the Willows Program have separate residences from adolescents and adults in the chemical dependency program.

Veterans receiving treatment for trauma related addiction and mental health problems have their own dedicated wing. Elderly patients receiving care at Lincoln Trail have a unit especially for them as well.

Common areas of the hospital include a spacious cafeteria, a well-equipped gym, activity rooms that host recreational therapies and classrooms of different sizes.

Getting on the Right Path

Lincoln Trail offers mirrored programs for behavioral health and substance use disorders in adolescents and adults. The psychiatric services at Lincoln Trail treat acute emergencies involving suicidal thoughts, severe depression, and psychotic episodes.

Clients, whether adolescents or adults, receive stabilization services from a multidisciplinary staff with a psychiatrist at the helm. Patients receive counseling, both individually and in a group setting, as well as medications aimed at relieving their most severe symptoms.

The adult chemical dependency program offers similar treatment options but includes detox as well as aftercare services. Patients requiring detox receive treatment at Lincoln Trail’s detox wing, where patients receive constant monitoring and medication if necessary.

Adolescents have an entirely different chemical dependency program. Outreach staff and crisis interventionists from Lincoln Trail work with teens at their school or home to help prepare them for treatment.

Teens receive their own psychiatrist while at Lincoln Trail and they collaborate closely with other addiction counselors to identify addiction triggers and to readjust their thinking and behavior. They also continue their education at Lincoln Trail by receiving instruction from board-certified teachers on staff.

Family involvement also plays a huge part in helping teens recover. Together with their loved ones, teens can get a better understanding of the nature of addiction and then construct comprehensive relapse preventions plans for when they leave treatment.

Adults in recovery at Lincoln Trail get more heavily involved the 12-Step program with Big Book study and wellness activities forming a major part of their treatment plans.   

The Special Cases

The Willows Program at Lincoln Trail is its most extensive program, and not only because of its duration, which lasts between 3-6 months. The Willows Program at Lincoln Trail treats young girls between the ages of nine and seventeen years old for the trauma and psychological damage caused by past sexual abuse.

Young women receive specialized care from child psychiatrists and therapists to help them work through the emotional impact of having endured such harmful experiences. Girls have the chance to learn effective, emotionally-healthy forms of expression through group work as well as individual counseling.

Outpatient services at Lincoln Trail also treat adolescents and adults, as well as veterans and first responders looking for treatment. Intensive outpatient treatment runs five days a week with two to three-hour sessions.

Treatment options mix a variety of treatment modalities like cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy, Seeking Safety, the Matrix Model and regular attendance at 12-Step meetings.

The Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System is exactly that: a system. It treats the young and old, for a variety of behavioral health and addiction problems.

Lincoln Trail addresses the problems faced by the toughest, including veterans and first responders, to issues faced by the most defenseless like young children who have survived sexual abuse.

It is a full-service hospital that has at its core dedication and commitment to helping their patients recover from whatever life has thrown at them.

Price for 28-days with no detox at Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System: $22,400

Price for 28-days, with detox included: $28,000

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