Lifetime Recovery Treatment Center Review: Recovery for Clients on Budget

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Lifetime Recovery is drug and alcohol abuse rehab center founded in 1963 in San Antonio, Texas. The inpatient program was a safe haven for male patients with limited finances, and the majority of clients are in court-ordered rehab.

The center is located on a 26-acre property and includes:

  •         Inpatient facility
  •         Administrative building
  •         Dining area
  •         Weight room
  •         Meeting rooms

Residents sleep in cubicles with up to four people in the cubicle. The total capacity of the center is 94 beds.

Simple meals are served three times a day, and there are several meals available for clients to choose from. Also, vending machines can be found around the campus where patients can buy snacks.

Lifetime Recovery: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The first step after the admission in Lifetime Recovery is initial assessment so that individualized treatment plan can be created. If the detox is needed a client will be referred to an outside facility because the center does not offer this service.

Inpatient program includes cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and it is also based on a 12-step philosophy. Additionally, clients attend group therapy sessions and educational classes.

When an inpatient rehab phase is completed, clients can step-down to the lower level of care that includes job seeking and more flexible daily schedule. However, patients are still obligated to attend therapy sessions.

The outpatient program in the Lifetime recovery lasts up to five months, and it is available for men and women. It includes frequent group therapy sessions and occasional individual counseling, scheduled according to client’s needs.

The staff in the Lifetime Recovery includes licensed addiction counselors, and the staff-to-client ratio is 1-10.

Lifetime Recovery: Facilities and Extras

Lifetime recovery offers a family program that includes family counseling sessions on each level of recovery, whether it is an inpatient or outpatient. Also, clients are obligated to go o 12-step meeting in their local community.

Rules and Regulations in Lifetime Recovery

During the admission process, a client has to choose three visitors that will be allowed to visit them in the center. All sharp objects such as pocket knives or scissors will also be confiscated. When it comes to smoking, clients have to bring their own cigarettes because they are not sold on campus. Vaping is not allowed. Patients may keep their devices that reproduce music, but video recording devices and cell phones are forbidden.

In order to be admitted to the Lifetime Recovery, the client has to be sober at least five days.


Lifetime Recovery offers its clients both inpatient and outpatient services. Inpatient treatment is available only for male residents, while the outpatient program is designed for male and female patients. The center’s staff emphasizes the family involvement in the recovery process in order to create a strong support system for their loved one.

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