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Life Center of Galax Review

Life Center of Galax anchors itself in Galax, Virginia, a small and peaceful city surrounded by trees and the Blue Ridge Mountains. The city is known as a furniture manufacture center, while Life Center of Galax keeps a reputation as a provider of comprehensive addiction and dual diagnosis treatments for men and women. Recently, the center improved their website, safety, security, clinical, family and alumni programs, and appointed a new CEO and director of nursing.

Life Center of Galax: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Life Center of Galax operates for more than 40 years as a licensed addiction treatment facility, both by the State of Virginia and the Joint Commission of Accredited Healthcare Organizations. What distinguishes its programs from the others is that Life Center of Galax continually updates their programs according to trends in drug use, which means that those affected the most can always find a treatment at Galax. Through a holistic approach, Galax treats body, mind, and spirit of each patient and it is the most comprehensive treatment facility in Southwest Virginia. The center offers following programs:

When it comes to more specialized programs, Life Center of Galax offers focused treatments through Christian-focused treatment, military addiction treatment, and young males (18-26) addiction treatment program. All programs are gender specific. Through mentioned programs, Galax comprehensively treats a vast range of chemical dependencies: alcohol, heroin, cocaine, meth, marijuana.

The Center as well provides a sophisticated array of in-depth treatments for opiates and prescription drugs abuse and addiction; hence it specializes its services in Adderall, Benzodiazepine, Codeine, Fentanyl, inhalants, Oxycodone, PCP, Percocet, painkillers, stimulants, Vicodin, and Xanax addiction. These programs are the result of aforementioned changing trends in drug abuse. According to the institution’s statistics, half of its patients are undergoing the treatment for opiate addiction.

All patients participate in individual counseling, education on addiction, and group therapies through behavioral, emotional, and spiritual therapeutic practices like emotional, cognitive, and reality therapies. During the weekend, the center organizes family groups and conjoint family sessions.

Life Center of Galax assigns a professional team that consists of counselors, treatment providers, support staff, and clinical personnel to each patient.

Facilities and Extras

Life Center of Galax does not operate in a cold hospital setting. Its campus spreads itself over lush green hills, next to the Blue Ridge Mountains and Chestnut Creek. Its location provides a perfect setting for patients to recover and heal in nature, away from urban vibrancy. When it comes to the facility, the center’s architectural style which combines red brick and white woods exudes coziness and hospitality.

During the weekends, the staff of Galax takes patients to hiking, bowling, gym, and other outings. For those interested, the center offers religious services and spiritual life programs during Sunday evenings. To patients who meet certain criteria, Galax allows going out with family and spending quality time with them.

Rules and Regulations at Life Center of Galax

The day at Galax starts at 7 AM, while lights are off at 11 PM. Visits are allowed only during Saturday and Sunday afternoons. When it comes to the admission process, Life Center of Galax will admit patients who are 18 years old and older, not in high school, have chemical dependency as a primary diagnosis, and can partake in treatments. The center will not admit suicidal, homicidal, and violent individuals, sex offenders, people with eating disorders, schizophrenia, and those on dialysis. The cost of the treatment depends on individualized treatment plans.


Life Center of Galax treats its patients under the philosophy of “I can’t – we can.” Such approach enables them to provide patients with sophisticated treatment programs and to keep the reputation of the most comprehensive treatment facility in Southwestern Virgina.

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