Laurel Ridge Treatment Center Rehab Review: a Peaceful Place for Recovery

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In Laurel Ridge Treatment Center, 252 patients stay in a two, three, or four-bed rooms. Unfortunately, there are no options for private rooms. The property is located in San Antonio, Texas across the 18 acres of land. When it comes to nutrition, all three meals in Laurel Ridge Treatment Center are simple, and there is an option for vegetarians. Also, residents can have snacks and meals out of the facility.

Laurel Ridge Treatment Center: Treatment Programs and Staff

The first step after the admission is evaluation, medical examination, medical history intake, and medical management.

The next step is medical detox followed by 12 step program and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

If required, there is also dual diagnosis treatment available.

The treatment plan is created individually, depending on a person’s needs and it may include community meetings in the morning, individual or group therapy focused on relapse prevention and how to cope with trauma. Patients can learn new ways of communication, develop their socio-emotional competence, how to improve their social skills and anger management abilities.

Laurel Ridge Treatment Center: Facilities and Extras

Laurel Ridge Treatment Center offers their clients the ROPES program. This reality-oriented physical experiential service is a team building course that educates patients on how to be a team player.

Within the center patients have access to pool and gym.

The classes are organized for all 12 grades.

Rules and Regulations at Laurel Ridge Treatment Center

Laurel Ridge Treatment Center costs $20,600 for a 30-day stay.

When it comes to coffee and nicotine, it is not forbidden. Watching TV is also allowed, but, for a mobile phone use, patients have to earn it trough good behavior and progress.


Laurel Ridge Treatment Center provides an addiction treatment for patients of all ages. This facility is a safe environment where struggling addicts get all the help they need through individual or group therapy.

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