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Las Encinas’ name perfectly fits into its setting. Meaning “the oaks” in Spanish, Las Encinas Hospital is a recovery center and an acute psychiatric facility, hidden among trees, gardens, and lawns of Pasadena, California. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations accredited its structured and comprehensive programs and recognized Las Encinas as a top performer for their hospital-setting inpatient psychiatric care. As such, the hospital offers specialized programs in stabilization and treatment for young adults and adults 18 years old and up.

Las Encinas: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Las Encinas operates under the motto of care, commitment, compassion, community, and collaboration, and it offers an array of behavioral health services. The hospital specializes in the treatment of psychiatric disorders and chemical dependency issues and it provides its patients with following inpatient and outpatient treatment programs:

  • inpatient detox
  • inpatient psychiatric stabilization
  • chemical dependency rehab
  • residential treatment
  • partial hospitalization
  • intensive outpatient services

Two primary programs at Las Encinas are adult inpatient treatment program and chemical dependency treatment program. The inpatient program provides behavioral health services for adults struggling with depression, anxiety, and other psychotic disorders, including simultaneous co-occurring disorders of chemical dependency and mental health issues. The program also includes intensive outpatient program and partial hospitalization program. Las Encinas provides an individualized treatment plan for each patient through services of an interdisciplinary team approach.

The treatment team consists of a psychiatrist, licensed therapist, psychiatric nurse, clinical social and mental health workers, and recreational or activity therapist.

Chemical dependency program provides evaluation and treatment to individuals abusing or addicted to alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine, prescription medications, narcotics, barbiturates, and other altering substances and chemicals. As such, the program offers initial medically monitored detoxification in an inpatient hospital setting. Upon detoxification, patients continue with their recovery at the residential treatment center, followed by intensive outpatient programs. Individualized treatment plans include laboratory testing, psychological, psychiatric, and clinical evaluations, individual and group therapies, family therapy, nutrition, health, and fitness.

While in the previous program a psychiatrist leads the treatment team, it is an addictionologist that leads the team of the chemical dependency program. Other members of the team include a licensed therapist, certified drug counselor, nurse, clinical social worker, and recreational therapist.

In addition to its programs and treatments, Las Encinas offers support groups meetings – Alcoholic Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous.

Las Encinas Hospital: Facilities and Extras

Las Encinas’ facility nests itself among lawns, peaceful streets, and mountains of Pasadena, California. Its architectural style and interior design correspond with the surrounding nature, which makes a perfect combination for patients to recover. The hospital includes 118 licensed acute care beds and 22 residential treatment CDHR beds. 27 acres campus includes walking pathways shaded by trees, lawns with benches and gardens to rest, and a convenient and luxurious swimming pool for patients to swim or do yoga and play volleyball around.

As an additional program, Las Encinas offers the Briar Program, which is a long term drug rehab and an extended-stay facility for patients with significant disruptions caused by alcohol and drug dependency.

Rules and Regulations at Las Encinas Hospital

Las Encinas offers 24/7 assessment information provision regarding programs and services for all those who are interested. Once in treatment, patients start their day at 7:30 AM and end it at 8:30 PM, with dining, therapy groups, breaks, psychiatrist sessions and visits in between. Upon the admission, patients have to choose with whom they want to stay in touch, as the hospital will provide only those people with an access code to speak to the patient.

Patients can contact individuals through telephones available on the units. Patients can bring no more than three days of their most comfortable clothes and necessary toiletries.


Renowned for its top service treatments, Las Encinas hospital provides aids to patients struggling with substance addiction and abuse, mental health issues, or both simultaneously. The public recognizes Las Encinas as a top performer for its activities, as many young adults and adults complete their treatments in the setting of the hospital.

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