Lakeview Health Rehab Review: Rehab That is A World Away

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Lakeview Health has been treating addiction and mental health disorders since 2001 on a 12-acre campus located near Jacksonville, Florida. Lakeview Health is a rehab that offers a gender-sensitive program, with men and women patients living and attending therapy sessions separately.

The Star and The Rose

Lakeview Health offers a full complement of substance abuse and mental health treatments for afflictions that vary from drug addiction to depression and anxiety. They also offer treatments for physical ailments associated with drug addiction like chronic pain and hepatitis.

Treatment formats range from inpatient rehab stays to outpatient sessions as well as partial hospitalization stays that are less restrictive. There is also a detox facility on-site that manages the withdrawal symptoms of any incoming patients who require a detoxification period.

Lakeview Health boasts a newly renovated campus with modern and luxurious amenities. Men and women live and receive treatments in two separate wings of the facility – the Star of Lakeview Health for men, and the Rose of Lakeview Health for women.

Both the men and the women complexes have spacious, semi-private rooms. There are relaxation areas that offer comfortable chairs and plenty of reading material. The decor and atmosphere of each facility reflect a focus on gender-specific traits.

The men’s campus dining areas evoke a sports bar to prepare men for life after recovery so that they are prepared for when temptation surrounds them. The women’s campus has a meditation garden, spa-like bathrooms and a dining facility that gives off a more bohemian atmosphere.

Each complex also has many amenities that aid men and women in their recovery. Whether it be through the fitness facilities, such as a weight room, indoor track and lap pool, men and women at Lakeview are encouraged to use physical activity as another tool to help in their recovery.

Starting the Journey

The detoxification process can be one of the more unpleasant stages of recovery. Lakeview Health has it own detox facility staffed with medical professionals and addiction counselors that guide you through this particularly harrowing time.

Detox stays can last a few days including up to a week. From then on, patients are transferred to their primary therapist to begin their inpatient stays, which average in duration between 30 to 90-days.

Treatment days at Lakeview Health begin at 7:00 in the morning. Patients awaken and get themselves ready for the day through a physical fitness or wellness activity.

They attend group and individual session that run through topics such as relapse prevention, stress and anger management, as well as psychoeducation groups. 12 Step meetings also figure heavily in the Lakeview Health treatment scheme.

More holistic and alternative treatments are also part of the treatment day. Men and women can both participate in expressive therapies, like art and music classes.

There is also a mindfulness class aimed at helping people reduce stress. Interspersed in between these therapy sessions, residents enjoy meals prepared by a professional kitchen staff and ample time for family visits.

A Village of Healing

After inpatient stays, patients can continue receiving treatment through an outpatient or partial hospitalization setting. Lakeview Health offers a transitional living facility called the Villages for just such a purpose.

Patients pair with a roommate of the same gender and live in a two-bedroom style apartment while attending therapy sessions during the day. Although patients enjoy more freedom during their outpatient stays, Lakeview Health staff is still on-hand for any medical or psychiatric needs that may need attending.

Lakeview Health devises aftercare treatment plans for all of its patients. It offers patients and their loved ones the support and education needed to maintain sobriety after rehab.

Lakeview Health is a comprehensive rehab. Its campus has all the amenities, and its staff has all the experience and knowledge to help treat a variety of different addiction and behavioral health disorders, including dual diagnosis disorders.

The split program allows men and women a distraction-free environment that addresses not only their gendered needs but their individual needs as well.

Price for 30 days at Lakeview Health: $18,570-$32,140

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