Lakeside-Milam Recovery Center Rehab Review: A Meeting of Minds

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It appears that in the world of substance abuse treatment, the bringing together of two individual ideas about how to treat chemical dependency leads to the birth of a whole new approach. Bill Wilson met Dr. Bob Smith through a mutual friend in 1935, and that meeting resulted in the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous. The Lakeside-Milam drug rehab center is the product of such a melding of two different ideas.

A Meeting of Minds

The Lakeside-Milam Recovery Center came to life as the brainchild of two men already steeped in the science and social impacts of substance abuse. One of them, Dr. James R. Milam was the head of research for a large pharmaceutical company, and the other Charles H. Kester was the director of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services for King County.

Upon meeting, the two men decided to open up their treatment centers. The first Milam Recovery Center opened in 1983, and now Lakeside-Milam Recovery centers are spread throughout the Pacific Northwest. The various centers and locations offer inpatient residential treatments, outpatient therapies, transitional living houses, and education programs.

Treated by Education

Lakeside-Milam has its central treatment facility in Kirkland, Washington that houses its inpatient residential treatment program. Lakeside Milam’s satellite centers, which are all over the Pacific Northwest, are where it administers its outpatient programs.

The inpatient program for adults, as well as all the other treatment modalities at Lakeside-Milam, stresses educating the patient on their addiction. The belief goes that once the patient begins to understand their addiction as an illness, they can then start to take an active role in their recovery.

Learning About Addiction

All patients entering Lakeside-Milam are first assessed by medical staff to ensure they are receiving the right treatment modality. Once the assessment is made, a patient might be admitted to Lakeside-Milam’s 20-bed detox facility, if necessary, where doctors and nursing staff attend to them.

The Kirkland inpatient residential facility offers patients a respite from their losing battle with addiction. The facility functions 24/7, with medical staff always on-hand. Counselors are your primary touchstones since they will be the ones guiding you through the recovery process by consulting with you on your progress throughout your stay.

Treatment schemes, as previously mentioned, entail educating patients about their addiction. This way, patients are then armed with the tools needed to turn the fight against their disease. This education comes from addiction education classes, lectures as well as group therapy sessions where patients can learn from each other.

Group counseling is a critical component of recovery at Lakeside-Milam. Rational emotive therapy is practiced in group settings. Patients learn how to respond to stressful situations with rational thoughts and behaviors, rather than with the irrational and impulsive beliefs that guided their actions when they were using.

Patients no longer feel isolated being surrounded by other recovering substance abusers. They begin to feel empowered by the support and purpose each of the members can give each other. Family members can attend group counseling sessions, whether during the week or weekend, since Lakeside-Milam is a big believer in treating all those who are affected by addiction, including loved ones.

Meals are structured in such a way that even processed carbohydrates, which may trigger the same reactions that alcohol triggers in the body are completely removed from patient’s diets. There are recreational facilities on the premises and patients can practice meditation or yoga every day of the week. The adult inpatient program lasts the usual 28-days.

There is also a youth inpatient program at Kirkland that serves young people from the ages of 18-25. This program lasts a bit longer than the adult program given the need for extensive educational therapies to properly educate young people on the risk of uncontrolled substance abuse.

Building a Foundation

Once inpatient treatment has ended, Lakeside-Milam offers its graduates a chance to undertake further treatment sessions at any one of its satellite outpatient centers. All graduates of the inpatient program who can continue their sobriety outside of the residence receive focused group and individual therapy as outpatients. Outpatient treatments can last anywhere from four to six weeks.

All outpatients leave armed with a continuing care plan that stresses returning to their communities to face past problems with the skills they learned while in treatment. Attending AA and NA meetings help clients keep the wounds of their past addictions fresh, reminding them that it can always flare up. But they also help fortify their spirit and offer an always available support group.

There is a long-term program at Lakeside-Milam as well. The Foundation Program offers inpatient residential treatment for those suffering from continuous relapses. Stays can last from 60-90 days, and treatments include skills building, outpatient counseling, and help in reintegrating patients back into society.

The Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers offer some of the most comprehensive, in-depth substance abuse treatment in the entire Pacific Northwest. Its philosophy of treating addiction as an illness restores a patient’s confidence and self-esteem, making them more receptive to a treatment model that stresses education and training to help avoid relapses and achieve long-lasting sobriety.

Price for 28 days at Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers: $10,000

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