Lakeside Behavioral Health System Rehab Review: Making Rehab Real

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The Lakeside Behavioral Health System should include “system” in its title. The facility resembles something between a technical college and a business park, although the assumption that Lakeside Behavioral Health System is a cold, unfeeling rehab is incorrect.

A System of Healing

Lakeside Behavioral Health System’s 37-acre campus offers the latest treatments for addiction and behavioral health disorders in an ample, sprawling facility. Located just outside Memphis, Tennessee the Lakeside Behavioral Health System campus has been treating patients at its 345-bed facility for over forty years.

The facility seems never-ending. The size of the Lakeside Behavioral Health System reflects the significant number of disorders and populations that it treats.

The interiors are spacious and the dining area has a wraparound glass wall with floor-to-ceiling windows. “Lakeside” is the other appropriate word in the facility’s title.

Small, human-made lakes dot the premises offering residents a quiet place to relax and reflect. Most of the rest of the large property is dedicated to group rooms, lounges, and classrooms.

Landing on Your Feet

Lakeside Behavioral Health System offers inpatient and outpatient treatments for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders in adults, as well as adolescents and seniors. The residential program has many variants and is available to different demographic groups.

The residential program, in all its variants, is a short-term program. It incorporates separate aspects like detox and aftercare into one intensive program.

The adult program, Cresthaven offers detox and medical supervision 24/7. The adolescent program, Recovery Academy offers children as young as 12 years-old treatment for behavioral and mental health disorders.

The beds at Lakeside are distributed among the different programs that Lakeside has to offer. There is a separate wing at Lakeside, Brunswick Place, which treats geriatric patients in a 48-bed facility with two on-site medical clinics.

There is also a treatment program for professionals, the Landing, who are affected by addiction or a dual diagnosis. These professionals can make use of a separate wing of the campus that boasts ample fitness amenities, private, comfortable accommodations, and stay connected to their work obligations through the business center.

All the levels of care at Lakeside Behavioral Health depend on the particular affliction being treated. Entrants at Lakeside undergo thorough assessments to make sure they enter the right treatment program.

Adults in the residential program receive more specialized care, which means more medical interventions like medication assisted therapy and less counseling sessions. The point is to allow patients to transition to less structured treatment formats.

Once patients have stabilized more comprehensive treatments are applied. Group and individual therapy sessions play a prominent role in treatment schemes, for all age and social groups.

Classrooms become vital in teaching psycho-educational lessons on the complexities of addiction and mental health disorders. Cognitive behavioral therapy is also a major component of patient’s treatment plans.

Lakeside Behavioral Health System makes use, when needed, of more medically inclined treatments for psychological maladies. Transcranial magnetic stimulation treats severe cases of depression and anxiety.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is used to treat particularly traumatic experiences. For patients at risk of suicide, Lakeside Behavioral Health employs electroconvulsive therapy as a last resort for those patients who would need it the most.

Freeing You Up

Lakeside Behavioral Health System offers less restrictive levels of care through its partial hospitalization and outpatient program. All age levels can partake of the outpatient services.

Depending on the symptoms you present, outpatient treatment options include group and family therapy sessions, as well as involvement in the 12-Step community. Medication assistance, trauma resolution, recreation therapy and individual counseling is also provided in an outpatient format.

Lakeside Behavioral Health System has been and continues to be a leader in treating addiction and mental health disorders with a distinctly science-based approach.

Its large facility accepts and welcomes all groups of people from young children, to middle-aged professionals, to senior citizens and offers them personalized care for whatever is afflicting them.

Price for 30-days at Lakeside Behavioral Health: $23,100

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