Lake Villa Treatment Center Rehab Review: A Rehab With Comfort

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The Lake Villa treatment center offers its inpatient residents breathtaking views of the surrounding area combined with a comfortable therapeutic atmosphere to treat addiction and mental health disorders. Located on the shore of Fox Lake in northern Illinois, Lake Villa has residential programs for men, women and adolescent males.

Land of Lakes

The Lake Villa treatment center takes up 43-acres of the lush woodlands that rim the southern tip of Lake Michigan. Lakes pockmark the surrounding area. The vacation areas close-by make Lake Villa seem more like a retreat than a rehab.

Men and women are broken up into separate residential programs and facilities. Teens also have their own gender specific living and treatment centers. Young men have the option to enter an inpatient program dedicated mainly to them and their unique treatment needs.

Accommodations at Lake Villa do not necessarily reflect the spaciousness of its locale. Residents sleep four to a room which gives residents all the more reason to avail themselves of the recreational facilities or to spend time outside.

Lake Villa draws its residents outside by providing large, lounge-like patios with beautiful views of the lake, which is just a stone’s-throw away. There are volleyball and basketball courts all around the property.

The indoor relaxation areas all provide comfortable furnishings and plenty of light. The size of the actual facility allows for plenty of multi-purpose areas including for study and quiet time.

A well-equipped gym and cardio machines are there for residents to work off any incumbent stress during their stay.

Opening the Gates

Lake Villa does not have any detox facilities on-site. They do, however, provide medication assistance to opiate withdrawal sufferers to help ease their symptoms and control their cravings.

Lake Villa treatment options are mostly made up of evidence-based therapies with some abstinence education thrown in for good measure. Most treatment stays, which can last for anywhere between 30 to 90-days, begin with individual counseling.

Treatment modalities move on from individual sessions, to group therapy sessions as well to addiction education classes and motivational interviewing to jump-start a patient who is not participating as much as they should in their recovery. For most of the residents in the adult program, 12 Step meetings also form a part of the treatment model.

The adolescent program for both men and women focuses on teaching important coping mechanisms and life skills to better combat the impulses to abuse drugs or alcohol. Teens learn these skills through cognitive behavioral therapy sessions with their counselors.

The holistic approach of mindfulness classes teaches young people to notice, accept and observe what surrounds them as a way of appreciating a sober state of being. Family therapy can be especially helpful for young people and their loved ones as a way to bring the family back together after such a trying time.

Finding the Bridge

An aftercare program begins to take shape as soon as you’ve entered the inpatient program. Your counselors help you identify potential triggers in your life that might causes relapses and direct you toward local treatment options.

You can also consult with fellow patients on discovering what works best regarding how to stay sober and clean once you have left the residence. Outpatient options are offered at other Gateway locations and the possibility exists for you to attend any of these places for further treatment.

The adolescent program ensures that young men and women are ready to get back to their lives by allowing them to continue taking classes so that their education does not stall while they are in residence.

The Lake Villa treatment center is an inviting place to go for substance abuse and mental health treatments. It is ideally located and has plenty of staff on hand to supervise your care.

Their treatment options emphasize abstinence and evidence-based therapies but little else, in the way of alternative therapies. However, there are plenty of green spaces and outdoor facilities to make up for the lack of holistic treatments and to make your stay more pleasurable.

Prices for 30 days at Lake Villa Treatment Center Cost: $18,000

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