La Hacienda Treatment Center – A Place That Truly Makes a Difference

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La Hacienda Treatment Center is a 12-step based rehab opened in 1972 and settled in a small, undisturbed town in Texas called Hunt. The natural landscape surrounding this center offers an enjoyable sight and helps its residents relax and connect to nature. Besides regular, La Hacienda Treatment Center provides collegiate programs for college students. Both of these allow its clients to develop vital skills for dealing with their specific problems.

La Hacienda Treatment Center: Treatment Programs and Staff

LA Hacienda treatment programs include the following:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • 12-step lectures
  • Medical staff lectures

Furthermore, this rehab center separates clients into two groups:

  1. Collegiate program clients (age 18-24)
  2. Adult clients

The main difference in approach towards these two is in the general goal. Adult, regular program implies lectures on addiction and relapse prevention, whilst collegiate program students partake in lessons oriented towards maintaining healthy relationships, building self-esteem, dealing with pressure, adopting anti-stress techniques etc.

The staff of La Hacienda is made of experts trained to deal with different problems and issues their residents have. This 75-member group of people works together for the same cause – complete healing and increased life quality for all of their patients. Besides doctors, La Hacienda team consists of licensed psychiatrist, nurses and support staff. Recovery is the major area of La Hacienda, and 80% of staff members are involved in this process.

La Hacienda treatment center proudly presents the fact that 30% of employees have worked here over 10 years and 60% over 5 years.

La Hacienda Treatment Center: Facilities and Extras

La Hacienda treatment center is located on a 40-acre campus which allows the existence of separate facilities for treatment and for housing.

The entire center accepts 90 residents – 60 adults and 30 collegiate program clients.

Rooms where group therapies are held resemble classrooms – with white boards, podiums and classroom-style chairs setup.

There is no segregation among staff members and residents during meals. Food is prepared by staff chef and always includes multiple gourmet options. Typical meal includes meat and vegetables, with a salad bar. For those who do not want warm meals deli options of 12 choices of bread, meat and cheeses are available.

Recreation and physical activity are important parts of recovery, so La Hacienda treatment center offers the following recreation activities:

  • On –site gym
  • A pool and treadmills
  • Ropes course
  • Obstacle course

All of these activities help in communication, cooperation development and trust building. They fulfill the entire program by forming skills necessary to cope with future challenges.

Residents may also enjoy in outside the facility activities – lunch, bowling and the movies outings.

La Hacienda has a family program which lasts for three-and-a-half-days and includes group and individual therapy, meals and lectures. Due to the lack of rooms where family program are conducted, family members must RSVP for it in advance. LA Hacienda welcomes even those who do not have the possibility to come to Hunt, by offering offices in each of the states most popular cities (Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Bryan/College Station and Austin).

La Hacienda Treatment Center: Rules and Regulations

Since LA Hacienda offers two types of programs, the prices are different for each one. The prices include detox:

  • LA Hacienda 30 days adult detox program costs $28,625.
  • La Hacienda 35 days collegiate detox program costs $32,025.

At La Hacienda rehab attendants partake in a 30–day treatment. During this period, the residents are obliged to respect strict order and rules, which are carefully thought out and constructed. These regulations imply getting up before 7 am for breakfast every day. The period between breakfast and lunch is reserved for group therapy session and lectures that strengthen the attendants in their endeavors to heal and get better. Lunch is followed by group or individual therapy, accompanied by another set of lectures, exercise and free time until 6 pm, just in time for dinner. AA programs occur at 7 pm, and attendance on these meetings is also mandatory, after which residents have some free time. Lights go off at 11 pm.

Following the rules at La Hacienda treatment center is strictly controlled. No matter the individual problems and situation of the residents, every one of them must receive 2-3 individual therapy sessions per week and attend AA on daily basis.


La Hacienda treatment center is an institution which cherishes quality and by setting up certain rules, leads to a successful healing process. By combining specific 12 steps program with therapy and family program, this rehab center produces a unique method of treating its residents.

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