Kingwood Pines Hospital Rehab Review: A Place for Times of Crisis

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Kingwood Pines Hospital Review

The Kingwood Pines Hospital in Kingwood, Texas serves children as young as five years-old as well as elderly patients experiencing acute mental health or substance use disorders. Kingwood Pines is a full service psychiatric and addiction rehab facility that offers treatments in inpatient and outpatient formats.

In the Pines

The Kingwood Pines Hospital is just a few miles north of Houston. Being a full-service facility, the Kingwood Pines Hospital has over 115-beds to serve the needs of children, adolescents, men, and women, as well as elderly patients.

The facility itself is divided up into different wings that provide different services. A 16-bed wing of the facility services adults experiencing severe psychiatric emergencies. Almost three hallways make up the adolescent inpatient wing.

Kingwood Pines is a rehab center that is focused more on providing professional and state-of-the-art care, so it maybe lacks the details and attention to aesthetics that most inpatient rehabs have. Despite those limitations, however, Kingwood Pines does offer many other amenities to its patients.

Its location in a small, suburban town like Kingwood, offers the hospital a secluded, but not isolated air, for its inpatient and outpatient clients. The hospital not only features the latest, scientific approaches to treating mental health and substance abuse disorders, it also boasts private rooms for children and adults.

Inpatient residents or those patients undergoing withdrawal have rooms that can either be shared or private, depending on what condition a patient is exhibiting. The rooms feature two twin beds and disparate pieces of furniture for your personal belongings.

Children and adolescents live in separate residences from adults, who also live in gender-specific accommodations. The hospital features a gym for patients to get exercise as well as to practice therapeutic recreational activities. There is also a room dedicated specifically for the practice of yoga at Kingwood Pines.

A large cafeteria offers patients various dining options, while also having an outdoor eating area for family visits and when the weather is cooperating. Laundry facilities at Kingwood Pines allow patients to do laundry on their own.

Changing Your Life

For those unsure of what treatment option they should choose, Kingwood Pines offers a free clinical assessment with no obligation to enroll. After being assessed, patients get referred to any one of the various treatment tracks at Kingwood Pines.

Children between the ages of 5 and 12 can receive specialized psychiatric care in an inpatient setting at Kingwood. Therapy options include one-on-one psychiatric care, medication management and alternative, recreational therapies.

Adolescents between the ages of 13 and 17 experiencing either behavioral health or substance abuse problems can be admitted for a short-term inpatient stay lasting anywhere between 5-7 days. Treatment includes one-on-one counseling, group therapy, recreational therapy and heavy family involvement.

The chemical dependency treatment track offers adults over 18 years-old medically supervised detox, as well as short-term inpatient stays with an eventual transition to outpatient or partial hospitalization formats. Treatment for substance use disorders in adults can take many forms.

Individual and group therapy revolving around cognitive behavioral therapy and addiction education elements form the usual foundation for most treatment plans. Patients also practice yoga and meditation, while participating in expressive therapy classes in both art and music. Animal-assisted therapy is always a popular option for all ages, up to and including elderly patients.   

One Small Step

The goal of most inpatient stays at Kingwood Pines is to transition a patient to a less-formal and structured partial hospitalization or outpatient option, of which they offer both. A partial hospitalization is an option for inpatient graduates who have finished their residency or for those not needing inpatient treatment at all.

Partial hospitalization offers group sessions five days a week, from 9AM to 2PM. Therapy topics include relapse prevention planning, visits with a psychiatrist and group therapy sessions. The outpatient scheme allows more independence as sessions take place only three times a week, in the evening, and include regular attendance at 12-Step meetings and individual counseling.

Kingwood Pines Hospital offers a wide variety of treatment to children, as well as elderly patients. It offers a safe and private facility with many onsite amenities like a gym and yoga rooms as well as specialized departments for the most severe emergencies. Those looking for a professional, medical approach to treating substance use or mental health disorders, Kingwood Pines Hospital might be the place for them.

Prices per day at Kingwood Pines Hospital: $750/day.

Price for outpatient clients: $200/session.

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