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This is a male residential treatment, located in Willisburg, Kentucky. The mission of Isaiah House is to provide top quality addiction treatment for clients and their families. Since 2010, this facility is a state-licensed Alcohol and Other Drug Entity, and since 2014, a state-licensed Behavioral Health Service Organization. Isaiah house is one of the few treatment centers in Kentucky nationally accredited by Joint Commission.

Isaiah House Treatment, Programs and Staff

Prior to the individualized treatment, each resident is medically assessed. For those who need detox services, there is a 37-day program that uses a NET device. This implies using a technology which produces mild electricity and applies it to the brain to alleviate drug cravings.

A short-term program in the duration of 100 days is offered here, as well as an 11-month program. Both include individual, group, family and marital counseling. NET service may also be included. Group therapies address important issues like self-esteem, emotions, healthy relationships, anger management and relapse prevention.

A 28 days Short Term Residential treatment is held at Patricia’s Place, and the Long Term Residential treatment is held at the Isaiah Main Campus. As an additional level of care, the long-term recovery allows the clients to return to the main campus for a monthly weekend visit (for 3 consecutive months). This way Isaiah House ensures that clients are applying recovery tools appropriately and responsibly during the final discharge. This is actually a transitional phase, where if needed, the client receives the following services:

  • Drug testing
  • Encouragement via therapeutic community
  • Peer Support
  • Access to Individual Counseling
  • Review of Recovery Skills Application
  • Ongoing Support
  • Targeted Case Management Services

12-step meetings are held on site, daily. The spiritual practice of three off-site church services a week completes the 12-step meetings and makes a strong foundation for resisting future challenges.

Isaiah House staff is aware of the importance of gaining skills which will be useful upon completion of the addiction treatment. After at least seven days of treatment, each resident engages in job training through on site-volunteer work. When completing the first 100 days of treatment, those in the long-term program are encouraged to become employed and have access to transportation when necessary.

The staff at Isaiah House consists of LADCs, LPCAs, psychologists and an LPC.

Isaiah House: Facilities and Extras

Isaiah House facility used to be a school building. Today it meets the treatment center requirements by being renovated and transformed into a dormitory residence. This 36,000 square foot rehab facility offers accommodation for 72 men in shared bedrooms (12 bunk beds in each room). Those who live in the same hall, share the bathroom as well.

Patricia’s Place is a sixteen bed Medicaid facility which allows them to enjoy the best practices of substance abuse treatment in a two-story home.

During weekly free time at 7 pm, clients may use other amenities like on-site weight room, basketball courts and a softball field.

Food is provided by the Isaiah House kitchen, where the staff prepares three hot meals per day. Pizza, pasta, salads and soups are often found on the menu.

All residents who complete the treatment can receive aftercare. To those who graduate from detox, one aftercare visit is offered, whilst those in the 100-day program may receive two. As for clients who attend the 11-month program, three months of aftercare are provided. During this period, clients return to the facility once a month for three days at a time. Clients are also welcomed to stay during the entire weekend, and engage in a typical treatment routine.

Sober living homes are another service provided by Isaiah House, and each home accommodates three to four men in shared bedrooms.
Clients who need legal or financial assistance or support for medical and educational issues may also turn to Isaiah House staff for advice and help.

Rules and Regulations at Isaiah House

This treatment center has certain house rules every resident should oblige. The allowed type of clothes and other items are precisely defined. Cell phones, pocket knives, bleach products, food or drinks, personal hygiene products, electronics, books, personal vehicles etc. are not allowed. Prior approval of bringing anything not listed is necessary.

The cost of a 30-days treatment at Isaiah House is $6,900. Clients can make online payments via secure payment gateway. Kentucky Medicaid Plans like Operation Unite, Aetna, Passport Health Plan and WellCare are accepted, as well as some Private Insurance Plans.


Not only does Isaiah House offer substance abuse treatment, but an aftercare support as well. By combining a holistic approach with job skills training, this treatment center provides clients an opportunity to learn and apply recovery skills while receiving clinical and case management services.

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