Isabella House Treatment Center Review: Unique Care for Mothers

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Isabella House operates under a multi-service organization called New Horizon Care Centers, known as NHCC. The NHCC is active since 1980 and specializes in co-occurring services for pregnant and parenting women, men, and gambling addiction. As both the house and the center aim to identify long-term needs of their patients, they as well offer low-income housing for men and women. However, the primary programs of the center are residential and addiction treatment services and mental health counseling.

Isabella House: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Isabella House, one of the NHCC’s facilities, treats pregnant and parenting women over 18 years old, while the child must be less than six years old. The house, with its location in Spokane, Washington, operates as a long-term residential substance abuse treatment. As such, the treatment at Isabella House lasts for 180 days, and it is the only program of its kind in the central Northwestern area of the United States of America.

The main program at Isabella House is Women and Children’s program. During the six months of women’s inpatient stay at the house, the staff serves women who have children or who are pregnant and who at the same time struggle with substance abuse and addiction. In addition to drug and alcohol addiction, Isabella House treats women who might be struggling with caffeine and nicotine addiction too. During those six months that women are spending at the facility, they are learning about the addiction and how to be making healthy decisions after leaving the program and implementing them through a lifelong recovery.

The services at the Isabella House include:

  • Parenting programs
  • Therapeutic child care
  • Group therapies
  • Individual Therapy
  • Life and employment skills
  • HIV/AIDS education
  • Transitional housing

All services aim to develop and enhance parenting and life skills of the each patient at the house.

The major program, Women and Children’s program, provides patients with two state-level assistance programs. The first one is pregnant and parenting women program, while the second program is temporary assistance for needy families. The first one is rather a core program, which serves women who are pregnant or parenting a child. The other program somewhat differs, as it serves mothers with kids, but the children do not necessarily have to be in the custody of their parents.

An additional program, therapeutic child care, focuses on children themselves rather than the mothers. As an accompanying program, therapeutic child care teaches children basic life skills and general health education.

Isabella House: Facilities and Extra

As mentioned, Isabella House is one of the premises under which New Horizon Care Centers operate. Given the fact that Isabella House serves women and children, its architecture and environment are perfect for the target group of patients recovering at the house. The house itself is a beautiful Victorian home. Its bright colors, historical style, and surrounding lawns and greenery make the perfect residence for mothers and their children. Isabella House has a shared living room with a TV, dining room, and a kitchen. Residents share bedrooms with each other, including their children, while they all cook and clean together.

Rules and Regulations at Isabella House

Given the fact that Isabella House serves vulnerable groups like addicted mothers or pregnant women, including their children, it mildly incorporates its rules and regulations through its treatments and therapies. When it comes to specific rules, the treatment must last for 180 days, and children must be six years old or under that age. Being pregnant or having a child under six years are the parameters for patients’ admissions at Isabella House, which means that women who are not pregnant or mothers cannot partake in a treatment program despite their addiction. The house itself can accommodate up to 24 women patients and 21 kids.


Through its specialized care, Isabella House serves those the most vulnerable among us – addicted mothers and their children. As such, this center is a sanctuary that is bringing parents back on the right track and ensuring the children grow in a healthy environment.

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