Interval Brotherhood Home Rehab Review: Affordable Addiction Rehab

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Back in 1970, Reverend Samuel R. Ciccolini founded Interval Brotherhood Home (IBH) in order to provide help and support for people with alcohol and drug addiction. The center started operating as a four-day retreat, and now it provides comprehensive inpatient treatment for struggling addicts.

The cost of the stay in the IBH allows that even clients with financial difficulties get quality and individualized recovery treatment.

Interval Brotherhood Home is placed on an 86-acre property in the building where used to be a Carmelite monastery. The center can accommodate up to 65 clients.

Rooms are mostly private and semi-private separated in gender-specific quarters. Every room has a private bathroom. Common area includes kitchen, dining room, and a chapel.

Three meals are prepared on-site.

Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The first step of the recovery process in Interval Brotherhood Home is a thorough assessment which will serve to create a highly individualized treatment plan.

The average length of the treatment varies from one to three months. Recovery program includes individual counseling, group therapy, AA and NA meetings, educational sessions, and spiritual counseling. Evaluations are conducted twice a month.

The entire rehabilitation process is separated into two phases:

  1.       Phase 1 during which client needs to discover underlying issues and reasons why addiction even occurred
  2.       Phase 2, when client is being thought how to achieve their newly set goals

The staff of the Interval Brotherhood House includes counselors, nurse, supervisors, psychologists, and dietician. A medical doctor, psychiatrist, and dentist are on-call. A special pastoral team helps clients reconnect with their spirituality.

Interval Brotherhood Home: Facilities and Extras

Some of the additional services that Interval Brotherhood Home offers to their clients include recreational activities, vocational, and parenting classes. Family Ed is a six-week program that provides family members education necessary for understanding addiction. During the first week, the family learns what addiction is. The second week is reserved for discussion about addiction as a disease. The third week includes lectures about treatment, while during fourth-week family members learn about what will happen when their loved one comes home. During the week number five, the family discusses how addiction affects them all, while the primary topic of the week number six is effective communication.

For patients who completed inpatient part of the recovery process, unique aftercare program called the REACH is available so they can maintain sobriety. During this phase of the recovery, clients can volunteer and provide peer support to new patients, which can be beneficial for both parties.

Rules and Regulations in Interval Brotherhood Home

Family visits in the Interval Brotherhood House are allowed on weekends.

Same-day admissions are not possible. The date of the admission will be scheduled during an initial phone call. Also, the center does not provide detox service, and those in need of detoxification will be referred to the local hospital.

Pre-rolled cigarettes, vaporizers, and chewing tobacco are prohibited on-site.


Interval Brotherhood Home provides inpatient and aftercare services for reasonable prices. A professional team is available 24/7 if needed. Given the fact that the property is located in a serene property, it is understandable why this center might be the right place for struggling addicts.

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