Intermountain Hospital Rehab Review – Idaho’s High-Quality Treatment

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With the location in mountain-wrapped Boise, Idaho, Intermountain Hospital operates as a substance abuse rehabilitation and mental health treatment center. As such, the hospital treats clients struggling with alcohol and drug dependency and mental illness, and provides them with a path to well-being through clinical and psychiatric rehabilitation.

Intermountain Hospital: Treatment, Programs, and Staff

Intermountain Hospital offers a broad range of treatments both for mental disorders and substance abuse and addiction on multiple levels of care. When it comes to chemical dependency programs and services, Intermountain Hospital bases its treatments on the age of patients; so the hospital offers addiction treatments to teens, adolescents, adults, and mature adults. Programs are the following:

CAST Clean and Sober Teens

This program functions as a dual diagnosis treatment for young people who are using alcohol and drugs and have additional psychiatric or emotional issues at the same time. The program lasts for 21 up to 28 days, and features a specially structured curriculum to target clients’ needs. The program includes specific substance evaluation, acute psychiatric assessment, individualized treatment plan, individual sessions, substance abuse and health-related education, group therapy, once-a-week family therapy, daily evaluation and medication monitoring, and case management. Additionally, Intermountain Hospital organizes Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Crystal Meth Anonymous meetings throughout the week as needed.

New Start Center for Recovery

New Start is both a facility and an inpatient program for adults which integrates chemical dependency treatment with medical and nursing care and mental health management through individual and group therapies. During 21 to 28 days, the center treats adults who may have issues with trauma, PTSD, anxiety or depression in addition to their substance abuse. If needed, Intermountain Hospital manages detoxification before admission. New Start reveals stressors and traumas that accompany addiction through educational classes, cognitive-behavioral therapies, recreation, family support, relapse prevention, shame, blame and guilt coping, and awareness of co-dependent behaviors.

Generations Treatment for Mature Adults

This is a program for seniors having issues with substance abuse and mental health, such as contemplating suicide , depression, prescription medication addiction, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and other related problems. The program includes detox for individuals with co-occurring psychiatric and substance dependence disorders. Additionally, even though not a medical-surgical facility, Intermountain Hospital can treat the underlying medical and physical conditions of their patients, such as post-surgery condition, diabetes, respiratory problems, heart diseases, etc.

Facilities and Extras

Intermountain Hospital is located at the foothills of Sawtooth Mountains. Such a setting enables patients to enjoy soothing views and nature without emotional stress throughout all phases of their rehabilitation process. The furniture is comfortable and relaxing, while attractive colors of the interior add to the feeling of comfort. When it comes to rooms, they are semi-private, and as for the other amenities, patients have an exercise room at their disposal.

Rules and Regulations at Intermountain Hospital

Before enrolling patients into a treatment program, the staff arranges risk assessment and coordinates the admission process. Patients can bring a few changes of clothing, personal care items to use on a daily basis in original, plastic containers. Products containing glass, metal, and alcohol are not allowed, while patients can use razors only under supervision. The staff safety-checks all items brought in either by patients or visitors. Patients are allowed to wear wedding rings and piercing only if taking it out – would result in harm. Intermountain Hospital welcomes service animals, as they contribute to patients’ wellbeing and integration of holistic therapeutic methods.


Intermountain Hospital provides caring services in a relaxing setting of nearby mountain foothills. Whether suffering from mental health disorders or substance abuse and addiction, clients can take their road to recovery at Intermountain Hospital, and achieve a lifelong sobriety.

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