Integrity House Rehab Review: A Small Beginning to a Great Rehab

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Integrity House Review

Integrity House is a nonprofit rehab that provides substance abuse and mental health treatments in several different locations across New Jersey. Integrity House opened back in 1968 in one of the more rough-and-tumble cities in the United States, Newark, New Jersey.

Integrity House has two locations, one in Newark, and the other in Secaucus. A variety of different services at provided at both including short-term and long-term inpatient residential programs, outpatient services, and transitional housing.

Not A Luxury Rehab

There won’t be any equine or acupuncture therapy at Integrity House (although there is yoga). As one former patient made clear, “This is a gritty, grimy, tear-laden, fear-filled cerebral experience.” The former patient, however, in the same review, also credited Integrity House with saving their life.

It should be expected that a rehab center started with the express purpose of providing addiction treatments for ex-cons would still retain that same air of toughness. The lore surrounding Integrity House stems from its humble beginnings.

A parole officer looking to help his charges overcome their addiction problems and keep them out of jail began giving face-to-face counseling sessions all over Newark. The program grew in popularity, and then, eventually, a storefront was rented out, and Integrity House was born.

Get Out of Your Own Way

Integrity House offers several different services in and around Newark. Patients receive in-depth medical and psychiatric assessments to make sure they get to the right program.

Opiate withdrawal sufferers and other substance abusers can receive medication to ease their withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Medication management is mostly for outpatient clients, who may not be able to commit to the inpatient or long-term program fully.

The short-term residential program at Integrity House, the Meadow Program located in Secaucus, offers treatment for substance abuse as well as co-occurring disorders. Both men and women can enroll in the short-term program, although they live separately.

Integrity House recently added a special, 30-bed women’s only residential house in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Newark. The women’s residence had previously consisted of an attic stuffed above the men’s halfway house. Now, women have a converted brownstone to receive treatment with over four floors of shared accommodations.

There is a long-term residential program, which typically lasts anywhere from three to six months and is geared more toward chronic relapse sufferers. The Bates Program is where Integrity House houses their adolescent male program, for young men between the ages of 13-20.

Treatment options at Integrity House rely mostly on evidence-based and abstinence-based therapies, apart from the medically assisted treatments for outpatients. Counseling in almost every form (individual, group, family) is a substantial component to all treatment modalities.

Always Integrity

Aftercare planning takes the form of educational programs, like GED completion and resume building for those looking for work, as well as regular attendance at 12-Step meetings.

The outpatient program has morning and evening schedules, so patients have more flexibility to attend sessions. There is also transitional housing at the Newark and Secaucus locations for patients to begin their successful reentry into regular life.

The Integrity House is a rehab committed to helping the most vulnerable and underserved populations for addiction. It treats addiction as a disease and has been a leader in promoting treatment for drug offenses as an alternative to incarceration, which garnered it a visit from Barack Obama in 2015.

Integrity House may not offer the five-star accommodations and vacation settings that other rehabs offer, but its strong ties to the community in New Jersey are proof that it lives up to its founding principle on a daily basis: integrity.

Prices at Integrity House based on sliding scale.

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